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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nutrient packed toddler meals

Making meals for a growing toddler gets tough some days. Baby K is good and eats most foods. He usually eats what I make for the family which makes life easy.

Since he has been sick with the flu the past couple months on and off I want to make sure he getting a lot of needed nutrients to help boost immunity!

He loves his fruits and veggies so I'm adding a lot more berries and green veggies like kale and broccoli. He is crazy for blueberries and if he sees them before his meal it's over and he will only want the blueberries ha!

We made kale chips the other night and baby k loved them! So that's a new item we added to our menu.

Now that we have the juicer I will make him fresh juice to sip too (kids should not drink more than 5oz of juice a day, I diluted the juice with water as well)

Fats are very important for a growing baby. Healthy fats like avocado. Baby K loves avocado and sometimes I spread it on his toast too.

Every week I'm looking for new healthy recipes and menu plans for baby K. If you have any meal ideas send them over my way!

A new recipe I found was chicken/veggie meatballs. I will try them this weekend and let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 goals vision board!

2013 goals... I still haven't fully written them out. I usually do every first week of January, I've been doing that for years! But this year all 22 days of it has been so hectic.

I looked over my last years goals and I have achieved 5 of goals I wrote down. Which made me feel great. Yay!

Instead of writing my goals this year I decided that I will put my goals with pictures on my vision board. That way I can take a look at them everyday! I'm getting to work on that today!

One goal that I will discuss weekly on my blog is weight loss goals. Daily lifestyle changes/goals.

Life is different with a little one, more busy, less sleep, less time for things like working out. Balancing it all can get a little crazy and you always need room to tweak and adjust the routine because let's face it the baby makes the rules here ha!

Here are my simply put daily goals:

Eating healthy- home cooking
Adding things like daily probiotics, chia seeds, and cooking with coconut oil and olive oil.

Juicing weekly for added nutrients
Exercise 2-3x a week
Increase daily water intake.

Mini goal- to drop 10lbs by spring.

Seems easy enough right ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

First time using the juicer

I used my juicer for the first time today with what I had around. I'm a newbie so I had a little trouble ha! The apple got stuck in the shoot and I had to unplug and struggle to get it out haha. Baby K thought it was hilarious. Seeing that had some trouble I think I should fully read the instructions and try again tomorrow ha!

A recipe I want to try tomorrow is a vitamin C boost.


I got a few recipes from friends too so if you have any juicing recipes to share, let me know!

Baby K is feeling a little better today but not fully himself yet. Lots of cuddles will definitely help ;)