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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 goals vision board!

2013 goals... I still haven't fully written them out. I usually do every first week of January, I've been doing that for years! But this year all 22 days of it has been so hectic.

I looked over my last years goals and I have achieved 5 of goals I wrote down. Which made me feel great. Yay!

Instead of writing my goals this year I decided that I will put my goals with pictures on my vision board. That way I can take a look at them everyday! I'm getting to work on that today!

One goal that I will discuss weekly on my blog is weight loss goals. Daily lifestyle changes/goals.

Life is different with a little one, more busy, less sleep, less time for things like working out. Balancing it all can get a little crazy and you always need room to tweak and adjust the routine because let's face it the baby makes the rules here ha!

Here are my simply put daily goals:

Eating healthy- home cooking
Adding things like daily probiotics, chia seeds, and cooking with coconut oil and olive oil.

Juicing weekly for added nutrients
Exercise 2-3x a week
Increase daily water intake.

Mini goal- to drop 10lbs by spring.

Seems easy enough right ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend of Baby and Wedding stuff and dreaming big!

Husband went away on the weekend, so while he was out golfing his day away I spent all day Saturday with my sister.

We started at out favorite Breakfast Place DT (in the Junction) called Purple Onion. I love being down in that area. After BF we walked around and went to some shops. One place had a cat in the shop and the little guy must have smelled Zoe because he was all around me haha!
Sister and our full cart at HomeSense

I can't even remember the number of stores we went to, we didn't hold back and went in soo many stores. I bought a dress, makeup and some house stuff and some baby items.

Being silly, however look at those wrinkles ha! not so funny!

How cute are all these baby clothes! Baby K will love them. My sister bought baby K the gowns and the little shoes, too cute!

We also went to a whole bunch of wedding stores for sister. She found shoes she loves to go with her wedding dress, but they didn't have her size :(  We also found jewelery that will go well with her dress too. Yay!

We even made time to make cakepops! They didn't turn out as nice but they tasted great! Yum!

We ended our crazy day relaxing and watching How to lose a guy in 10 days, we love that movie!

Today I'm feeling a little tired and maybe in combination with preg hormones I'm feeling blah! I haven't been paying attention to my goals lately and I want to be sure I don't lose sight of them. So today I'll work on my vision board and be sure to still work towards the things I was working towards before. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day, and with new baby on the way and thinking like an "adult" really does put limits.  I don't like it, and I don't need to follow what I don't like (ha!) I can balance this so working on my vision board always puts things in perspective.

Never forget to DREAM BIG!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My 2011 Goals!

Ok I’m done my goals, Well for now. I’m sure I will add things as the year goes on.

Yesterday my husband and I went down to our old neighborhood to discuss our 2011 goals. We went for a walk in different areas. Down in an area called the Junction, then in High Park and down on lakeshore where I rollerblade in the summer.(and people were rollerblading yesterday too!)

Here are some of my 2011 goals!


* Lose 15-20lbs but more focused on healthy eating and healthy exercise.

* Yoga once a week

* Workout 3x a week.

* Take up Italian Classes again.

* TTC in 2011 Husband and I are very excited to start a family. Although it’s harder than I thought it would be I trust God has a plan.


* Visit 1 place in Canada (Alberta or Vancouver)

* Visit 1 new Caribbean island

* Visit 2 new places in the USA

* And mayyybeee if we can take more than a week off at one time, go to Europe!


* Launch my new Blog site (details to come later in 2011)

* Dedicate 3x a week or more to my side biz's.


* Attend church more often

* Help those in need

* Love life and be grateful for all that I have everyday!

I have a longer list than this one and I posted it in my bedroom and on my vision board. :)

Are you done with writing your 2011 goals!?

Here we grow 2011!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A evening of shopping and TGIF!

Oh I am happy the weekend is almost here!

What a week! It's been soo busy at work! I have new coordinating responsibilities and it's been a challenge but I'm doing well, just exhausted. I'm also making sure to fit in working on my side biz's after work and that's going really well :) I really want to be doing what I want full time.... one day one day...

I only cooked at home twice this week but I had homemade breakfast and lunches with healthy snacks all week!

After work today I went to the mall to shop for a dress for a friends wedding on Saturday. I bought 2 dresses a pink one and a black one... I love them both! And now I don't know which one to choose!

I also bought a new face wash and loofah. I love using loofahs to help with circulation and polishing up my skin.

I was tempted to buy more Christmas decor but decided to wait and do that shopping with the husband. We both love Christmas! I can't wait to get our tree and decorate it, and put all the decor outdoors. Christmas has always been a happy time for me and I just get so excited just talking about it.

Slowly I started taking out some decor, I'll do more this weekend :)

Hope you all have an awesome Friday!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Vision Board

Today husband and I had the day off for Remembrance Day. We woke up early and walked to get our morning coffee. It's a beautiful Fall today today.

Being home today feels great. The sun is shining and and I'm feeling much more positive.

Husband made BBQ for lunch too YUM!!!

My New Vision Board!! I already have a shared Vision Board in our Office, but it's turned into more of a business Vision Board, which is great but I felt that I want my own personal Vision Board just for meee!

I went to Homesense and they have so many different framed vision boards. I bought this one, I think it's soooo pretty! I already printed out some pics for it but I'm still working on it. I'm going to DREAM BIG on this!

Health goals, Family goals (start a family and be a WAHM!), Business goals(multiple Internet biz's), Finance goals, Blog goals, Travel goals(own a beach vacay home!), Spiritual goals, Real estate/House reno goals....

What are some things you would put on your vision board!?

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Goals and New Vision Board

I'm home today. Yesterday I had a really stressful day at work. I couldn't sleep all night just worrying and feeling anxiety. I woke up tired and with a big headache! Taking the day off will only help a bit since all my work will still be there tomorrow. But I needed some time to myself. Some time to reorganize my goals, Life goals and Health goals.

Goals are soo important. I also love making vision boards, so I print out pics all that I want to achieve and post them up in my closet and in my office. :) I'll show you my new one when I complete it! :)

This weeks Goals:
*Create a new vision board for 1 year goals.
* print out quotes that help me stay on track during stressful days.
* Make a routine that works, some evenings for working on the side biz and some evenings for working out!
*Weigh myself weekly to keep my weight on track!
*Cook at home 4 times a week.
*Always pack a lunch!
*Always carry snacks in my purse for days that schedules get thrown off (I'm not pleasant to be around when hungry and this adds much more stress in my life lol)
* Set automatic calendar alarms to myself with what I need to do on a particular day.
* Read a positive book every night when going to bed, to keep me in a positive state. :)

These are some ways in helping with keeping me on track and keeping the ultimate goals in sight.

How do you keep on track with all your goals.??

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning Weekend

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! (It was a chilly gloomy day) BUT better days are ahead!

Ever since my meltdown last week I have been sticking to my schedule and found much more time for mee! Yesterday we were able to do Spring Cleaning in the house and have a whole afternoon out on the town, AND get some work (side business) in as well! :)
We went for a walk on lake shore. It was so nice.

Before we decided to move to suburbs we were actually considering moving to one of these condos. It is so nice down there. The energy you get from the people, the water, nature. It's unexplainable.

Ever since husband and I were younger we always believed in writing down goals and having a vision board. Even before we saw the movie the secret. We would drive around talking and expressing what we wanted for our future. Many many things we have achieved has been written on our vision board/Goals board in the past. Yesterday was one of those afternoons, driving around and talking about our new future goals. So last night we decided to buy a large cork board and re-write our goals and post matching pictures to express them.

Do you believe in Vision boards/Law of attraction?

And what's a day out without my fav food. SUSHI!!!!!
(however, my tummy was feeling off due to Friday nights outing, so I actually was not able to eat much yesterday, I guess that was a good thing... calorie wise ahah!)