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Monday, May 23, 2016

Long weekend fun!

Every weekend with kids is fun making memories and new traditions. This weekend it's Victoria Day Long weekend here.

First stop was a sushi lunch for little K. He was asking the last couple days and so that had to be the first thing we did to start the weekend right! 

His favorite is the salmon sashimi. Yum!!

Then we went to the McMichael Canadian Art collection. The grounds are beautiful. We will definitely be there more often this summer.

I was impressed at how little k really enjoyed looking at the Art. He would talk to it and tell us what he thought it looked like. He was a natural and comfortable as if he's been there before.

After going through the gallery, we had a nice walk around the grounds. Beautifully landscaped and art sculptures all around. Both our phones died at that point, boo!

The kids had a great day and then to complete it, we went for icecream! 

Yesterday we went to Canada's wonderland to watch the fire works with the littles! 


We all sat on a hill in the park and got cozy with blankets to watch the fireworks! The show was amazing and the kids loved being outside together  eating snacks and watching the fireworks. 

Their faces were priceless. What a great experience for them and definitely a new tradition! 

Happy Victoria Day! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long weekend outdoor fun

(Late post!) We had a long weekend! We spent most our time outdoors. Backyard bbq's and walks in the park. 

Saturday night we had a small BBQ at our house. We had a lot of left over food that we ate throughout the rest of the weekend! I ate way too many sweets and back on track today! 

The kids had so much fun playing together Saturday.

It's already August and I know it will just fly by! This coming weekend we have a wedding and my birthday is coming up too! Wha! Another year older!

Lets slow down time! 
Eek we saw a little snake at the park! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Victoria Day long weekend fun!

We did a lot this weekend. We cleaned up and did some house work, had a BBQ party and also had a date night.

My husband and I had a date night Saturday. We went down to the city to one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Mmm the food was delicious! It brought back memories of when we lived in the city. We also got a parking ticket too, ha! The remembered how many tickets a year we use to get when we lived in the city haha! We were on our way to watch a movie and we saw a sign on a restaurant saying it was cuban jazz night. So we decided to go there instead. So happy we did. The night was perfect :)

Sunday night we had guests over for a BBQ party. We had fireworks and we also watched the fireworks from the theme park just north of us. We can see them from our backyard. We love that! The kids didn't like them too much though haha they were too loud for them.

It was a fun weekend. Baby k is sleeping in this morning too ha!

The weather was awesome and we spent a lot of time outdoors. We had a great weekend.

For those in OK hit by the tornado and those fearing tornados in their city. I'm sending my prayers out to all the families.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Long weekend cuteness

Tomorrow is my first day back to work! Wish me luck!! I'm feeling a little nervous eek!

We have the day off today so we are enjoying our long weekend. Baby K was up so often last night ;( I am exhausted and moving in slow motion ha! He too is exhausted because he has now been napping for over 2 1/2 hours!

DH and I have been doing some fall cleaning while baby sleeps. Hopefully he wakes up soon so we can head out this afternoon!

We had a fun weekend, did a little shopping and even renewed our car lease! We also spent some time with family, baby K loves his cousins.

My little niece and him play so well together it's just too cute!!! How cute are they!!