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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Third week of school!

Third week of school and daycare prep for baby M! 

I can't get enough of these ghost busters shirts! Ha! I bought a few more matching outfits for these kiddos. I'll milk it for as long as I can!
Little K is not a picky eater when it comes to his lunches. So making lunch has been pretty easy.  He does ask for bocconcini daily and he's loving hummus. He likes his apples whole and he's loving those lunch box chocolate granola bars and of course he likes carrots over those pretzels. Yummy! Twice a week he will have the school hot lunch which is pasta and pizza and a carton of milk daily. He's not a huge milk drinker but this year he said he wanted the chocolate milk. So let's see!

Now it's time for baby M to transition to daycare :( 

This kiddo is on the fast track. He already seems older than 1! He watches and learns so fast from big bro! 

We got all his items ready... Diapers, blankets, toys, utensils, clothes and snacks! He was ready for his first day! Only 2.5 hours today. And of course he was just fine. He is surrounded by little girls and he had so much fun. He ate a little lunch and snacks while there too. Of course baby M! You loveeee to eat! 

With his little "today is going to be awesome" shirt. It was awesome!

Ohhh my baby. I'm so in love with this little fireball!!

Next week it's back to work for me and a new schedule for all of us! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 2 in kindergarden

We are in week 2! And it's been a smooth transition! 

We have our routine down! It's an adjustment for all of us haha. School has put us all on track!

Little k is not great with being overtired, well who is! So after dinner we put the TV low, and calm everything down. 

Then it's bathtime. With no fight. I said no fight!!! It's a miracle haha. School has him pooped, he goes up willingly yay! 

We read 5 books, say our prayers and he is out! Waking up on his own, on time in the mornings. He has been in better moods too! He's excited to begin his day and he even negotiates in the mornings happily, knowing we can all get what we want. Haha! "I'll use my iPad in the car only ok mom, not in school" or "can I have 1 chip, I'll eat the rest of my breakfast, ok mom"


When I pick him up he is the most vocal child that comes running out. 

Yesterday his teacher met little brother too. Little k was proud to show him off.

When I asked his teacher how he's doing, she had no concerns. She said oh he's Soo good! He's like a little man. 
The only thing they are working on, is deciding on which shoes are for outdoor and indoor haha. He likes his indoor shoes better. 

Transitioning our children to something new is always hard for us parents. We worry and we wish we can be there every second for our kids. When we see them independent and on their own, it makes us so proud and also sad! He's not my baby anymore!! 

We have been through many daycares and I have had those tantrum mornings so I know what it feels like for those parents dealing with that with the new transition to JK. Hang in there parents.  I'm so happy to see that little K enjoys JK. He was soo ready for this.

I love hearing about his day and his lunch requests. 

Todays request was dip and Rice Krispies like his friend anthony.  

Some lunches. 

A friend has these cute sandwich cutters. Which I need to get! 

The days and weeks are just flying by!!! 

Guess who's 1 month old!!! 

His 1 month post to come!

My favorite picture below! My sweet boys in the arms of daddy! Melts my heart! 

Happy hump day!