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Thursday, June 23, 2016

10 months old, 4.5 years old and 9 years

Getting everyone in on this post. Ha!

Baby boy is 10 months old! 

This little cutie is one busy boy! He will not sit still for a second! He is in everything and exploring with no fear! 

He loves Zoe! And they both tease eachother daily! 

He is 20lbs and in size 4 diapers. I think his weight is slowing down. It's been the same the last couple months. His favorite food right now are Cheerios! 

I haven't written about Mr K in a while so I wanted to get that in here too! 

Mr K is almost done with his first year of school!! I can't believe how fast this year went by! The school really made the last couple of weeks really fun. Last week they had a fun day,which was... So much fun, duh!

He's grown so much over the year and he's such a big boy now. 

I just wanted to blog some things I totally love about him right now. These kids are growing up fast and I don't want to forget a thing! 

His little teeth and his smile. Mr K has the biggest smile that melts my heart! 

His adorable laugh, omg his laugh is so contagious! 

Firm body - ha! I wanted to take note of this because his squishy baby body is gone. This kid has a rock hard bod. 

He Loves being home in his element but loves traveling around with us on our adventures. He likes to list our plans for the day just as I do haha! 
He's Very observant, he notices everything and hismemory is sharp! He remembers everything! He is always surprising us.  So sweet and so polite. He still has a few tantrums here and there but his sweetness overrides that. 
He's ready for a fun summer and then off to SK! 

Today is our 9 year anniversary. We had a little cake to celebrate. But this mama is looking forward to my first date night since baby m was born! Yay!

Have a great weekend friends! 

Monday, May 02, 2016

Weightloss goals

I'm 7lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Sounds good, but I actually have a goal to drop much more than that! 25lbs is my real goal. 

With 2 kids and always on the go, I need easy lifestyle changes. Following a plan that I set and forget! 

Which I have been doing. Changes that the whole family benefits from as well. 

My pressure cooker has been a big help in this process too. Healthy hearty soups and chillis, chicken and rice dishes. Yum!

To help me get an extra workout in,I joined a stroller fit class that begins Thursday! I'm excited for that! I joined when I had little k back in 2012. So im happy  to do it again.

I just hope baby M likes the stroller, he's not the biggest fan of them. 

We have been practicing in the house. Ha! 

 Saturday we are going to the Baseball game! New runners and new backpack were needed for this event ha!

Also excited for upcoming soccer 

Love my little guys!

And look at how busy baby M has been! 

I say he'll be walking by 10 months! Let's see! 
Seriously a cutey pie!

Friday, February 05, 2016


I can't believe how fast the days are going by! 

Already Feb5th! 

We have been pretty busy here! And also been dealing with some off and on colds! 

Friday we finally got our backsplash installed! I went crazy trying to decide 
But I'm so happy with the choice we made. 

We did a marble subway tile and then a mosaic marble design in the middle. The exact  look I was going for. Perfect for our kitchen. Looks even better in person.

Last weekend was full of yummy eating out ha! 

Sushi! We ran into little k's JK teachers there too! Ha!

Mm quesadilla's and burritos! Soo good! 
I always get the shrimp burrito with guacamole and refried beans stuffed with other veggies and cheese!  Ahhhhh!

These 2 are hilarious!  brother snuggles!

Baby m loves his big brothers attention. 

Look and this cutie! Already wanting to crawl away! 

Ha! We are always soo happy to see daddy after work. Mommy more because I need a break sometimes! 

Sunday we went to church and it was all about this passage. <3 I read this passage at my cousins wedding a couple years ago. It's always been one of my favorite ones.

Monday was my dads birthday. He would have been 60 years old :(

Little k had a PA day. I told my mom to take the day off so we could go to the mall and have lunch together. 

We shopped a little and then went for lunch! 
Little man loves sushi and steak and they had an entree just for that! And calamari our favorite!
The boys love their grandma and we were happy to put a smile on her face.
The restaurant was playing some of my dads favorite songs. Mom was getting a little emotional. It was like a sign to us that he knew we were celebrating his birthday. :) 

Then we spent some time at my grandparents house. We call them super Nonna and super nonno. How blessed are the kids having such great, great grandparents that love them sooooo much! 

In their 80's and still preping meals. 

The end of season sales are getting better and better. Bought these Vince Camuto boots for 70% off. 

DH began working on my shoe closet. 
Our spare room has 2 closets, perfect! I claim them! Ha!
It Still needs some work and I still have shoes in boxes from our move! DH asked why I always say I need shoes haha! Ughhhhh we can never have too many shoes! 

It's the weekend already! 

February is jammed backed with birthdays! Yay!!! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

Finally! The tree is all decorated! Only took us 4 days haha

We usually get a real tree, but last year after Christmas there was a really good deal on this tree so we decided to buy it. I'm so happy we did! It's perfect! It has a lot of lighting and its huge! It didn't fit in the living room! But it's perfect in the hallway. 

Every year we buy a new ornament for little k... And now for baby m too. So this year they bought Star Wars ornaments haha 

Decorating was fun! Little k was really into it this year. 

Once the tree was fully decorated I decided to try and get a pic with the boys for our Christmas Greeting card! 

I put this collage on IG just capturing the fun that it was.

Firstly, zoe... She's all over the tree and has flattened out many parts of it and has stolen some ornaments too! 

Little k was being silly and making jokes as I tried to get the perfect pic. Ha! My silly boys I still got the perfect pics of them. 

The house is decorated and it feels so Christmassy! 

I'm even loving all the Hallmark Christmas movies. I'm hooked on this channel. 

Baby M has his personalized stocking on the way! 

Next weekend we will complete the outdoor decor. We have a big inflatable Santa to put up! As well as the Star Shower laser lighting! Our neighbors just got one too and it looks great! 

Have a happy Monday friends. With all the heartache around the world we must hold the ones we love and come together and Pray for our world. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 2 in kindergarden

We are in week 2! And it's been a smooth transition! 

We have our routine down! It's an adjustment for all of us haha. School has put us all on track!

Little k is not great with being overtired, well who is! So after dinner we put the TV low, and calm everything down. 

Then it's bathtime. With no fight. I said no fight!!! It's a miracle haha. School has him pooped, he goes up willingly yay! 

We read 5 books, say our prayers and he is out! Waking up on his own, on time in the mornings. He has been in better moods too! He's excited to begin his day and he even negotiates in the mornings happily, knowing we can all get what we want. Haha! "I'll use my iPad in the car only ok mom, not in school" or "can I have 1 chip, I'll eat the rest of my breakfast, ok mom"


When I pick him up he is the most vocal child that comes running out. 

Yesterday his teacher met little brother too. Little k was proud to show him off.

When I asked his teacher how he's doing, she had no concerns. She said oh he's Soo good! He's like a little man. 
The only thing they are working on, is deciding on which shoes are for outdoor and indoor haha. He likes his indoor shoes better. 

Transitioning our children to something new is always hard for us parents. We worry and we wish we can be there every second for our kids. When we see them independent and on their own, it makes us so proud and also sad! He's not my baby anymore!! 

We have been through many daycares and I have had those tantrum mornings so I know what it feels like for those parents dealing with that with the new transition to JK. Hang in there parents.  I'm so happy to see that little K enjoys JK. He was soo ready for this.

I love hearing about his day and his lunch requests. 

Todays request was dip and Rice Krispies like his friend anthony.  

Some lunches. 

A friend has these cute sandwich cutters. Which I need to get! 

The days and weeks are just flying by!!! 

Guess who's 1 month old!!! 

His 1 month post to come!

My favorite picture below! My sweet boys in the arms of daddy! Melts my heart! 

Happy hump day!