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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy weekend! Lots of pics!

I had a veryyyyy busy weekend! Let me start with a big FAIL in my calories this weekend. I didn't count calories at all and didn't make the best choices. I didn't even get to grocery shop. So I'll do that tomorrow!

We started some reno's in the house... I was expecting a mess....but not the HUGE mess that I got! The husband scraped off the stucco ceilings on our first floor and sanded it down too! It created sooo much dust! The whole house was covered in white dust! I mean the whole house! Inside cupboards and closets and bedrooms EVERYWHERE!

Reno's are still not done so I have all these holes in my ceilings waiting for the pot-lights to be installed next weekend. So we'll be living in chaos for a week.

Even though all this mess was going on I managed to still have fun :)
Some of us girls got together Saturday night for dinner. We went down to a Lakeshore restaurant. We chatted and ate delicious food! I had a huge plate of pasta and parmigiana chicken! It's always so nice to catch up with the girls.... over food ahahh!
I also fit in some time to see my sweet nieces Saturday afternoon.
Baby M is sooo strong! She's 5 months today and she rolls over and over it's so cute!
And today was my bff's baby shower!!! She is due in a month!
Look how cute she looks!!
It was so fun, the shower was beautiful and I even won a gift! How cool is this tea mug!!! I love mugs!!!

I'm exhausted! We tried cleaning as much as we could but everything is still dusty :(

I think I may push the other reno's out. I'm a little traumatized by the mess Ha!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Oh!! and I almost forgot some awesome news! I was chosen for the #3 spot on Simply Stacie's Follow Friday! Check it out! This totally made my weekend! Thank you all so much for following my blog!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall weekend

It's a beautiful Fall day today here in Toronto. Last week my runs in the trail were even more beautiful because of the changing colors of the leaves. Next week I will take my digital camera with me and take some pics of the beautiful scenery.

Husband had to work this morning and that meant we woke up early... Waking up early was not too bad but that meant rushing out of the house to drive him to work and we stopped for McDonald's BF :) (i know i know). I had a bacon and egg mcmuffin and only ate half my hash brown. I just looked up the calories for that and they are not so bad. Mcmuffin 310 Cals and hash brown 160 Cal. Can't believe the cals in the hash brown. I'm glad I just ate half of it. ... mmm but I also had a couple timbits with my sister this afternoon. Bad start to the weekend boo. I'm planning to cook my next meals and staying in Sunday so no more eating out this weekend!!! I Need to be very aware of my calories in!