Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from vacation!

Back from vacation! Our trip to Punta Cana was amazing! The resort and weather were just gorgeous! We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe. This resort is HUGE and landscaping is beautiful.

While on my trip I was sure to try and stick to my goals, most days it went well but the last 2 days I admit I caved and ate french fries! To be honest, my tummy was weak and really only accepted french fries, it was the only thing that would stay down... see french fries do some good :)

My Breakfasts were very light and I stuck to going up to the buffet twice, once for the main course and second for fruits and small dessert. Luckily I did not have too much trouble with over eating as many of the food selections were not that appealing.

We did have to stop for some real food as soon as we landed :) we went to Baton Rouge and I ordered Ribs with a fully loaded baked potato. I was not able to finish it, so I have lots of left over for today yum!

Ok so back on schedule!!! Tomorrow I will do my weigh in and measurements. Today I want to get back on schedule with my weekly goals. Weight nees to start coming off already!

My weekly goals to achieve this week:
1. No eating out! Home cooked meals 7 days a week!
2. Limit carb intake at dinners
3. 1/2 hour twice a week on the gazelle
4. 5 mins a day on the trampoline
5. 2 10000 pedometer steps
6. drink plenty of water/tea
7. Supplements; Take fish oil pills with lunch.
8. sea salt baths twice a week

Do you have any weight loss secrets that I can add!? Let me know, I'm looking for anything that can help!


  1. Welcome back! You went to a beautiful place for va-cay.

    Your goals look like great ones to me.


  2. i'm glad you had a great vacation!! and you stuck to your goals too, that's awesome! i'm trying to get into weight LOSS mode for the next few weeks... :)

  3. Thanks! Punta Cana is really pretty, I just love beaches. But... Back to reality LOL. I'm really trying to hit this weight LOSS really hard too! We can do it!!!