Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vacation Pics :)

My friends were asking why I didn't post more vacation pics so here are some more ;)
This was the tour I was talking about yesterday. It was fun and really nice to see how some Dominicans live and how they make their living. There are a lot of poor people there and they work really hard to make just a little bit of money. One thing the tour guide mentioned is to not give the children money, give them gifts but not money. At first I thought why not! Whats a dollar or 2 to me I'd love to give out some money. But he mentioned that if we do that the children will see it as easy money, and will not attend school but instead chase around tourists to make their living. When he put it that way it made so much sense, we never thought of that before. We met some of the cutest little children, I pray for all of them and hope they get the opportunity to go to school and have a brighter future.
This was one of our stops in the Jungle. Husband and I ran through it taking pics. People on the bus thought we we strange. It was so fun and I love palm trees and green landscaping. We couldn't resist!
Ha! and I got to ride a horse! I was terrified, I think the last time I went on a horse I must have been 7!

Macao beach, a public beach with no hotels. Part of a stop on the tour. The most beautiful beach I've ever seen!

Ok the next little bit might be TMI but I will share it anyway. If you look above on the day trip I wore tights under my dress. First reason is that I knew we were going to ride horses and the thought of bare legs on it grossed me out. Next the Tmi part. It was an extremely hot day, and the bigger areas of my body include my thighs! Not sure if any of you ever experienced this before, but my thighs touch and end up rubbing together and it is soooo uncomfortable! especially if it's hot! It's an embarrassing thing, but it's true!! :( I need to add lots of lunges to my exercises!


  1. How fun- you got to ride a horse!

    (I know what you mean about the legs- Mine do that from time to time. Ouch!)

  2. Great pictures. The water was so blue! I love the picture of you on the horse. Very cute!

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