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Monday, August 08, 2016

Summer weekend fun.

Our family likes to keep busy on the weekends, you can probably tell by my blog posts that we are not homebodies. Of course we like our relaxing days in as well, but we mostly like to be out enjoying new things and events and family outings. Offering the kids experiences that will leave lasting impressions in their memories. 

We were pretty exhausted after the long weekend. So we kept the week light with  catching up on favorite shows like Paw Patrol and PJ masks ha! We went for daily walks and played games, haircuts and back to school shopping . 

Soccer practice last week had baby M excited! Ha!

He's eager to be like big brother. No one told me how amazing this part of parenting truly is. It melts my heart when he copies big bro! 

Let's not forget that this cutie turns 1 in a week!!! OMG this year just flew by! I'm grateful to be home with them for an extended 2 months! 

Friday morning we headed downtown to meet daddy for lunch! We showed the kids the tall building daddy works in. We had a yummy lunch and walked around downtown for a couple of hours. 

How stylin' was the Mr pushing the kids in the stroller.

It was a great afternoon! 

Friday night, mommy got to go out without the kiddies. Ha! I went to watch bAdmoms!!! It was hilarious! And a great evening out with the ladies! 

Saturday we headed to the race track! 
Ok, I honestly didn't think the kids and I would enjoy this as much as my husband. To my surprise, we all loved it! It's so much fun! We all got so into it and it was so exciting. 

I was getting serious about it and really  
analyzing the horses numbers ha! 

We had great seat on the patio to have lunch and watch the races!

Little K's outfit -on point! 

Sunday I had another ladies event. We tell little k it's a girls party and he's like- meh, go have fun with that. Ha! 
He got to have a fun afternoon with daddy and couldn't stop talking about it when I got home! 

This morning we woke up late and the kids are still in their pj's playing while I'm blogging and on my second cup of coffee! 

Have a great week friends! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Baby steps!

Baby boy took his first steps today!!!
Oh my heart! This little was on the fast track since he was born. Zooming through milestones. 

I feel like I just gave birth to him. My baby boy! 

Now today as I was vacuuming he got excited and took about 4 steps towards me!

I took a picture then slid over to video and little k came running to tackle his brother in all the excitement, ha! 

He didn't do it again tonight! But he was practicing with his toys pushing them around. 

I'll get that video! 

Big brother was so excited to see his little brother walk. We laughed and laughed and baby M's serious face and fists up and wide leg stance heehee

These kiddos melt my heart!

I changed some of my frames around the house to put their pictures in every room. We will be doing professional pics soon. I can't wait for that!

This week flew by. We had play dates and swimming and enjoyed the hot summer days! 

We had our Weekly sushi for little k, he loves sushi and he's always asking for it! 

We had ice cream with family 

So much more planned for this long weekend! 

Have a great weekend friends! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Entertaining the kiddies over the summer

I'm so grateful to be on maternity leave during the summer. We've had a jammed packed summer so far and I'm happy to be home spending all this special time with the kids. 

We hit the park or playlands pretty much daily! These kiddies have so much energy! 

And many play dates! Lots of fun with friends! 

We try and go to the beach every other weekend too! The beach is a perfect place to let the kids burn energy but also relax and soak up the sun. 

Yesterday we went to the Honda INDY! 

I was nervous about bringing the kids there, but it was great! The kids loved it! 

We found a perfect spot under trees and parked ourselves there. The kids ran around and we were close to a curve where the race cars zoomed by. Little K was excited! We saw a few crashes too on that bend which had the kids super interested. 

The main race was pretty loud! Good thing these muffs helped!

Hamburgers, French fries, ice cream! We had a lot of sports food this weekend! 

We slowed it down today and little K asked for a sushi lunch today. Yum! 

Summer fun! Happy Monday friends!