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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hump day update - gorgeous day!

A nice sunny day love these days! Still a little cool but at least the Sun is out. Monday was so cold that the heat in the house went on! Hopefully our summer comes out soon! Actually I take that back, soon but I also need to get bikini ready which I am not!

I Did my weigh in today and I am exactly the same! I need to boost this up! I've been reading other blogs and I read that Acai pills or Hoodia are really good to aid in weight loss. When I was younger I was obsessed with weight loss pills, I would take anything that sounded promising. I even bought these "Brazilian Diet pills" From a customer from a job I was at for something like 300 dollars for a month in a half! I was crazy! They did work tho. My friend and I still laugh about it because we lost a lot of weight but once off them we both gained double the weight back!!!!!

So I'm verrrry sceptical these days about taking anything different. However, I am feeling a little desperate these days.

I added lunges to my daily routine. I'm more bottom heavy and my thighs are my main issue! My thighs prevent me from finding good fitting pants, and Jeans, ha! forget it! I own only 1 pair and not a fan of how I look in them..I hate it! Tights and long tops have become my daily wear.

I've been doing well with my pedometer, I love how I'm constantly aware of how many steps I do. I haven't hit the park yet so my yesterday and monday I only got up to 7500 and 5500 steps, but today I will reach my 10000 or above when I hit the trails!

Packing the house for the move is almost done ;) I have some empty rooms now. I have mixed feelings of happiness and sadness all mixed together lol whaa to that!