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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hidden Calories Continued

Although my new pedometer is bulky and not comfy to wear at all, it does track calories burned too. I really like that feature and will use this one while I continue on the look out for a smaller one. ;)

Today I found out something that totally shocked me!... Yesterday I wrote about hidden Calories and how I dropped my BF sandwich from 270 cals to 195 cals. I also noticed that coffee could be a culprit of hidden cals... WELLLLLL I just found out that a large double double coffee is 230 cals! Can you believe that! The last 2 weeks I increased my Cal intake by eating 500 cals for BF!!!! So this week I started drinking a large regular which is 115 cals, now BF is a total of 310 cals instead of that dreadful 500! (I'm thinking I can definitely do with a medium coffee which is 75 cals so bringing it down to 270)

I'm already down 1 lbs and hopefully I will soon be back to where I was in weight and work on losing from there!

Learning lesson: Never underestimate the Cals! They are EVERYWHERE! ahahha!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Up 3lbs!

I knew it! I was feeling the snugness in my jeans this week ;( I'm so upset! for the longest time of maintaining , I go and gain 3 lbs! How did this happen! My jogging routines are still in tact, my eating is not thaaat different than it was before.

Some changes: I am eating Rye bread sandwiches everyday for lunch (i thought Rye is ok) and I have been eating a peanut butter and jam English muffin for BF. I just added up the Cals in my BF and it comes out to 270 (160 EM, 20 jam, 90 peanut butter) hmm. I know these are added cals to my day, since when I was home I skipped BF many times. This week I need to really look at my daily meals specifically BF and lunch. Boo to weight gain, I hope I drop these quick!

Good news, I bought my new pedometer today, whoohoo! ;)

AND cutting carbs at dinner is a must now! Veggie Omelet with Veggies on the side! YUM! With Jasmine Green Tea.

Tomorrow we are going to put up the Christmas lights. We still have not bought a tree but we are thinking of going with a real tree this year so we will look into that in the endrt of November.

****Prayers... Praying for my best friend and her family, she lost her step-dad this week :(. Also praying for another good friend of mine's family, her sister lost her unborn baby twins and she is going through a really tough time, my heart aches for her so much :(

Hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Wore my pedometer to work.

Lots to say today ;) Since I started working (since last week ha!) I made myself a peanut butter and jam English muffin every morning for breakfast. I know my body and I know I need a sweet in the morning. Doing this saves me from a donut or muffin run mid morning, so far so good and I have been doing sooo well! Love it when I read myself and find a solution!

I was suppose to wear my pedometer last week to work but I kept on forgetting. So today I finally wore my pedometer to work and I only did 5000 steps! and that's with my frequent bathroom runs since I'm drinking water like I'm afraid of a shortage. hmm not a good thing. I need to think of creative ways to add more steps in my day.

This weeks goals are the same as last week.

My goals for the week are the following:
2. Healthy home cooking all week. :)
3. Limit sweets
4. 2 days a week Jogging

Tonight is a relax night with my hot chocolate and cuddling with husband and Zoe ;)

Before I go, I want to pray so much for my friends sister. She miscarried today and lost her twin babies :( I'm soo sad for her loss and send all my thoughts and prayers for her family ;(

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Weekly Goals

Before I talk about my weekly goals, I wanted to mention that Zoe is fully over her little flu she had Sunday. She is back to herself again!

Today was my first full day at work and boy did it feel LONG! Everyone was very friendly and my day went pretty smooth. However I was pretty tense and I actually couldn't eat all day because my tummy was in knots, but no worries I came home and ate a yummy dinner :)

Zoe was sooo happpy to see me when I came home today. Nothing like the loving welcoming when entering the door after a long day! :)

I know its only Tuesday but my goals are going pretty well. I made yummy dinners yesterday and today and everyday for dinner this week!

(Beef stir fry with onions and mushrooms with a tortilla and spinach salad)

Oven baked pork chops with sweet potato fries , egg roll and spinach salad (I needed my carbs today ;)

My goals for the week are the following:
2. Healthy home cooking all week. :)
3. Limit sweets
4. 2 days a week Jogging
5. Wear pedometer to work daily to track new daily steps.

Keeping goals simple this week ;)

I'm sooo tired this evening so hitting bed early!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Jogging in trails

Last night when I was getting ready for bed I had the TV on and it was on one of those health hour special channels. It mentioned a study that exercise helps depression and increases happiness, something I've heard before many times. But what it said was, not just any exercise, specifically out door exercise and specifically in Green areas! The one thing husband and I love to do is jog through trails, it always makes us feel really good and we always have more energy and feel positive after our runs. We have a small trail near our house and we always go through it when we jog, and now I know why we love it so much! It makes us happy!

I did my weigh in today and it's the exact same, no surprise ahah. I did really well with my jogs 3 times this week and jumped on my trampoline twice :) This weekend I am going to wear my pedometer all weekend in hopes of achieving 10000 steps per day Fri/Sat/Sun.

I'm so happy the weekend is here!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day Update

Tuesday's afternoon walk plus a walk through the mall in the evening added up to 10514 steps on the pedometer! One of my weekly goals includes 2, 10000 steps so I have 1 more to go. The reason I have only 2, is because steps are done by walking only, the other days I jog, I do not wear the pedometer.

So far my mid week goals are going pretty well. I'm cooking at home, I'm working out, drinking lots of water and green tea. So I'm excited to see some results already!!!

As for my job hunt, it is going just ok. I have an interview with an agency on Friday and a potential interview next week with a company. Looking for a job is one of the most stressful areas in my life, I guess it is because I have a love hate relationship with working. I hate the 9-5 no offense, but I can remember how much I dreaded going into work everyday in my past. Yet the bills need to get paid and shopping needs to be done :) So the getting paid part is the good thing ahah! Ahhh just trying to help myself go into everything with ease this time around. Vaca is in 11 days and boy am I looking forward to laying on the beach with a good book!.

What are your love hate comments of working the 9-5?

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog today :) I found more blogger friends online today and I'm looking forward to reading all your fun interesting blogs!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Afternoon walk

6500 steps on the pedometer today on my afternoon walk. Sun was shining and boy was it hot! A reminder for next time is to bring sunglasses!

When I got home I was so thirsty and water was not cutting it. I took out my tray of fruit and I'm almost half way through those grapes!

Hope you are all having an amazing day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Body Measurements

The weekend was great and like usual I over ate. We went to a new Mexican restaurant in our area and how could I resit nachos and guacamole dip!

It's a new week and now a new start.

This week I decided to add a new goal to reach. Other than just losing pounds, I will also keep track of inches lost. Some friends suggested I monitor inches as well since maybe the scale may not change much but area's on my body still may shrink... I hope this is true! haahha!

My current body measurements on my areas of concern, in inches:

Upper Arms: 12"
Waist above Belly Button: 31"
Waist below Belly Button: 34 1/2"
Hips: 44"
Upper Thighs: 25 1/2"

My main concerns are Hips and thighs, I need these to shrink already!

I will re-measure Sept 1, 2009 in hopes I'm down at least 2" in all areas!

I also changed my goal weight to reach. Since the scale does not move much anyway! I decided to make myself feel closer to my goal by changing my goal weight to 135 instead of 130. To tell you the truth I would be happy just to reach 139 and be out of those 40's once and for all! UGH!

My Usual weekly goals are below:
(notice I removed the "NO donuts", this is not because I will now eat donuts, but it has been 2 weeks and I have not had any donuts at all! (I've eaten other bad things... however, donuts were not in that equation! :)

My weekly goals to achieve this week:
1. Eat as many home cooked meals in a week at least 5 days of the 7 (Got this down :)
2. Limit carb intake at dinners
3. 1/2 hour twice a week on the gazelle
4. 5 mins a day on the trampoline
5. 2 10000 pedometer steps
6. drink plenty of water/tea
7. Supplements; Take fish oil pills with lunch.
8. sea salt baths twice a week
9. Coffee Grind scrub once a week

Lets get fit!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day Update

Do you see that, the pic above... Yes that is the cake, that heavenly Sfoglia cake. MMM strawberries and cream with soft wafer like pastry in between... It's Torture! Why do I do this to myself. I can't get myself to throw it away! I have been good and only had 3 bites of it last night, but really why is it my fridge, for what reason other than to torture myself. Not sure how long the cake would be good for anyway, it has been in the fridge since Saturday, it's life is surely coming to an end soon ahah.

As for my weight loss and eating healthy goals, I have been doing pretty well. (other than the cake issue I'm having) I went and did large groceries and bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats. I also bought some avocados this week to add to my salads YUM!
Walking through the aisles I noticed this Soy Gluten free chocolate pudding so I decided to try it. 120 cals and 1g fat and it is delicious! It really helps with my sweet tooth and really good for my evening snacks when I feel the most need for sweets.
Today my body is soo sore! I went for a nice long jog on Monday and then a brisk hour 1/2 walk last night. I feel great. Yesterdays walk was so long and I was so upset that I forgot my pedometer. I'll to that same walk tomorrow night and log my steps, I'm pretty sure the walk was over 10000 steps!

As for my weight, no change yet :( and 18 days to vacation - 7 days in a bikini!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day Update!

I found a site that I was able to put my current weight and desired weight and get these cute images. So I put what I originally started at and a goal weight of 128 (Not even close). Like I mentioned before I am more bottom heavy, I don't think the pics really look like my body- add more thickness to the legs for the top one and there its me lol ahhaa.

Last night my sister and I went for a 2 hour walk and took 12500 steps! I was shocked! :) And boy was I exhausted when I got home!

My weight has not changed for a while now, I'm guessing I should make more changes than what I have been doing but I will reevaluate Monday.

Job hunt has begun, which is really hard. I've had many different positions and have a college diploma in Business and a software testing certificate so I've been in the office industry and in the IT world. I'm a little confused on what to go towards now since being laid off... I will misssss being home!! :( too many changes to overcome these days. All I can repeat in my head is that it only means I'm growing towards my dreams ;)

What career path do you have? Do you enjoy what you do? Have you changed career paths lately?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Plan for the week

Last week was good and bad all mixed together :) I did ok reaching some high numbers on the pedometer this weekend. 13500 Sunday alone :) Proud of that. Not so proud of the Big mac and fries I had on Sunday (bad bad!). I'm the classic emotional eater. When stressed, Big mac always makes me feel better, Ha! that is so bad isn't it!

The move is in 2 weeks and the house is upside down! I'm also trying to consume all frozen foods since our appliances don't come till the next day after the move, I really don't want to waste food especially on our super tight budget.

On that note, I'm looking for work these days as well. Our online company is doing well but I think our move was more expensive than we thought. So my job hunt has become more serious!! Boo :( Is it bad that I actually enjoy being home? I love the time for myself I get so much done working on the online business and to tell you the truth we save money too ;) Buuut We need all the extra cash we can get at least until we settle in and get our numbers straight. I'm pretty good at time management so I am sure that even with Full time work I can get all my extra activities fit in there as well. ;)

On a better note. My asthma is improving! With the meds I take daily, I haven't had coughing or wheezing for at least 5 days straight! I'm super happy about this! I'm going to try and run a couple laps this week and see if I have improvement in my breathing :)

Grocery shopping yesterday was a success, I bought lots of meals to be cooked at home :) So I will plan my meals out so that way we can stay AWAY from Fast Food! Bought a new wing sauce for wings :) Love eating weeks cause I can eat them with just a salad as a side. I'm trying to minus the carbs as much as we can.

Here are my new goals for the week. (Well same as last weeks, I didn't add anything from last weeks goals, I think I need to work hard on these 5 goals and FOCUS!)

1. Continue cooking at home (Plan meals)
2. Limit or fully cut out fast food, no fries!
3. No coffee shop foods, only coffee
4. Workout 3-5 times a week (1hour workouts) and/or 10000 steps on the pedometer.
5. No eating after 7pm.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hump day update - gorgeous day!

A nice sunny day love these days! Still a little cool but at least the Sun is out. Monday was so cold that the heat in the house went on! Hopefully our summer comes out soon! Actually I take that back, soon but I also need to get bikini ready which I am not!

I Did my weigh in today and I am exactly the same! I need to boost this up! I've been reading other blogs and I read that Acai pills or Hoodia are really good to aid in weight loss. When I was younger I was obsessed with weight loss pills, I would take anything that sounded promising. I even bought these "Brazilian Diet pills" From a customer from a job I was at for something like 300 dollars for a month in a half! I was crazy! They did work tho. My friend and I still laugh about it because we lost a lot of weight but once off them we both gained double the weight back!!!!!

So I'm verrrry sceptical these days about taking anything different. However, I am feeling a little desperate these days.

I added lunges to my daily routine. I'm more bottom heavy and my thighs are my main issue! My thighs prevent me from finding good fitting pants, and Jeans, ha! forget it! I own only 1 pair and not a fan of how I look in them..I hate it! Tights and long tops have become my daily wear.

I've been doing well with my pedometer, I love how I'm constantly aware of how many steps I do. I haven't hit the park yet so my yesterday and monday I only got up to 7500 and 5500 steps, but today I will reach my 10000 or above when I hit the trails!

Packing the house for the move is almost done ;) I have some empty rooms now. I have mixed feelings of happiness and sadness all mixed together lol whaa to that!