Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day Update

Do you see that, the pic above... Yes that is the cake, that heavenly Sfoglia cake. MMM strawberries and cream with soft wafer like pastry in between... It's Torture! Why do I do this to myself. I can't get myself to throw it away! I have been good and only had 3 bites of it last night, but really why is it my fridge, for what reason other than to torture myself. Not sure how long the cake would be good for anyway, it has been in the fridge since Saturday, it's life is surely coming to an end soon ahah.

As for my weight loss and eating healthy goals, I have been doing pretty well. (other than the cake issue I'm having) I went and did large groceries and bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats. I also bought some avocados this week to add to my salads YUM!
Walking through the aisles I noticed this Soy Gluten free chocolate pudding so I decided to try it. 120 cals and 1g fat and it is delicious! It really helps with my sweet tooth and really good for my evening snacks when I feel the most need for sweets.
Today my body is soo sore! I went for a nice long jog on Monday and then a brisk hour 1/2 walk last night. I feel great. Yesterdays walk was so long and I was so upset that I forgot my pedometer. I'll to that same walk tomorrow night and log my steps, I'm pretty sure the walk was over 10000 steps!

As for my weight, no change yet :( and 18 days to vacation - 7 days in a bikini!!!


  1. sounds like you're doing great!! oh man, i could NOT have a cake sitting in the fridge staring at me like that, it would be gone by now! :)

  2. I know it was so hard, I just threw it all away yesterday night. lol