Monday, September 21, 2009

weight loss ideas - new weekly menu

Thankfully my Monday weigh in was back at my regular weight minus the 2 lbs I was up on Friday. This weekend I carefully watched what I ate (except for at the Movies last night with popcorn and gummybears! I just can not hold out at the movie theater!)

I made a delicious omelet the other day, it was healthy and very filling. I think I will make omelette's more often!

Over the weekend I got some weight loss ideas from a blogger friend suggestion as well from some girlfriends this weekend.

Some weight loss ideas they gave me are:

2 boiled eggs for BF - I'm going to try this, this week! Thanks blogger friend! :)

Another friend of mine lost lots of weight this summer on what she calls a soup diet!
She skips BF then eats soup for lunch and a light dinner. I am one that needs my BF so I am thinking up my own combo plan.

My new weekly menu, below:

2 boiled eggs with tea for BF
Veggie Soup or salad for lunch
light dinner, lean meat with small portion of carb
fruit as my snacks

wish me luck!

Have any weight loss ideas let me know, I may add it to my new weekly menu!

PS. Can I boil eggs all in one day and keep them refrigerated for a week?


  1. that sounds like a good plan!! i can't stand boiled eggs but last week i had a scrambled egg for breakfast everyday with some fruit on the side.

  2. Sounds good to me. The only other thing I'm thinking of is that you could start a food journal so you can keep track of how much you're taking in. I did that when I was losing weight. Until I started keeping track I was completely unaware of how much I was really eating.

  3. Great Idea Maryellen. I sorta do one but I forget most times. I need to really stick at it. I just got a great idea, I will start that today on my iphone since its with me 24/7!