Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 2 of on track!

Today I did really well with following my calorie intake and exercising. I went rollerblading tonight and boy was it a humid evening! But by the lake there was a little breeze... a little haha!

BF: I had Cinnamon Oatmeal and 1 coffee
Lunch: Salad with chickpeas, cucumbers and 1 egg.
Snack: 4 Strawberries and a handful of almonds
Snack 2: (HA!) 2 timbits and a Tea. (ok I didn't need those timbits but a girl offered at work and I couldn't resist! It's OK I kept with my calorie intake!
Dinner: Grilled chicken Salad. YUM!
After work out snack: half a sandwich with turkey and spinach.

Total calories today: 1400!

And today my nuplus order came in! Thanks Sunny!
I will add these packets to my smoothies! For a daily dose of nutrition! Read about it here!

And the hat I ordered for my niece came in too! She was sleeping so I didnt want to disturb her so I placed it just on top of her head, how cute!!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor for a full check up. I havent been since the MC so I hope I get good news and hopefully she gives me the OK to try again soon! :)


  1. awww what a precious picture of M... so beautiful... And this was a good day to rollerblade, you lost more because you sweat more from the humidity! ;)

    <3 u!

  2. How do you looks so stylish even in rollerblades? :)

  3. I'll be sending you healthy, happy thoughts for your checkup tomorrow.

  4. You are one of my featured people on "Transformation Tuesday".

    Big Hug!!