Monday, August 02, 2010

Food Journal

It's true..... I've been totally overeating!

Went to the drive in yesterday night and had, pop, popcorn, hotdog and cotton candy! yikes!

So I neeeed to really get back on track! So I was thinking about what worked for me before... and I know that this blog and being very honest on my blog helped me in the past. The last couple months I've been thrown off track, but I'm slowly getting there. My exercising goals are going great as well as my smoothies for breakfast.... BUT My eating habits are up and down. Especially with the nice weather and going out ALLL the time!

So, I'm going to start a food journal again. I'm going to be very honest with it (which will make me think twice! with my food choices ahah!)

When I blog I'll have a section at the end of foods I ate that day, like below. And I'll also tweet my meals as well. My blog has helped me a lot in the past so I know this will work! It's time to DROP these 10-15lbs!

Today's meals.
Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte
2 custard tarts
Rice, veggies with chicken and steak kabobs
Asparagus and steak
Mcdonalds wildberry smoothie.


  1. way to be honest with yourself!

  2. oh the drive-in looks like SO much fun!! food journaling should help alot, i'll be doing the same on twitter. guess i have to start with journaling about the donut i had for breakfast today, lol!