Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet little girl

My little niece is so sweet! She got to go home yesterday and she had soo many visitors!

My grandma, M's great grandma!
She is so cute! Really I would go visit everyday! But I don't want to get in their way ahah! I'll go tomorrow ha!

My workout regime pretty much stopped this week, way too much excitement with the new baby.

I'm counting my calories but knowingly going over. UGH I'm having a hard time! But I will keep on going and try my best everyday.

The good news is that I fit into a pair of pants that I haven't worn since May! (pre MC) But no weight has been lost GRRR. I am not happy with my current weight. I'm at a weight I've never gotten up to before so it bothers me! But I guess not enough to make some extreme changes... I'm not an extreme type of gal.... I have my plan and I'll work slowly on that aha!

Today's Food Journal
BF - strawberry/milk/blueberry smoothie
SNK - medium coffee
Lunch- half a sandwich, 2 spring rolls (they were selling them at work!)
Snack- handful of almonds and tea
Dinner- 1 pork chop, beans and some potato wedges
SNK- 3 choc chip cookies (I KNOW I KNOW!!!!) sigh.....

No exercise today, however I did jump on my trampoline twice for 2 mins while I worked in my home office tonight aahaha!


  1. Your niece is adorable! Don't beat yourself up too much over the 3 cookies. I'm sure they were small ones.

  2. ahha Thanks Mare, they were chips ahoy. They just go so well with a tall glass of cold skim milk!

  3. Obviously something is going well if you fit into the pants now. Don't be so glued to the scale - you might be gaining muscle instead (and it does weigh more than fat!) and toning up, which is good.

  4. I bet your gaining muscle thats why you were able to fit onti the jeans but the scale isnt budging. try going by measuremnts too.

  5. She is beautiful! Congrats on becoming an Aunt!

  6. aww, she is so pretty! you're going to have so much fun with with her as she grows up! and congrats on fitting into those pants!!

  7. New babies are just too precious, spend lots of time with her! Way to go on fitting into smaller jeans, keep it going the number will fall.