Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Birthday ....

Today was my 29th birthday and my mom's 52nd birthday. When I was younger (haha) I felt that time would go so slow, even at 25, 30 seemed sooo far away... and now the years are just flying by! I am in a happy time in my life tho (minus my pms week aahah) I've accomplished many of my goals in my 20's and I have many new future ones to come too. I'm looking forward to all the great years ahead. Living, Loving laughing and even starting my own little family one day :) I'm excited and looking forward to growing and growing towards my dreams! (had to use it, it was too perfect heehee)

Tonight we went to my moms for dinner and cake. My mom bought me this money tree, whoohoo lets hope it works so maybe I could leave my stressful job! hmm I'd like that!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, it's been a long week! Going out with the husband tomorrow night for a bday out on the town, can't wait!

Happy Friday! I'm going to set some new goals that I want to reach for the year! :)


  1. If that tree works....I will put it everywhere in my house!!! Let me know lol!

  2. BTW, forgot to tell you that i love you girl!!

  3. Hey, happy birthday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend continuing the celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope all your wishes come true...and they say money doesn't grow on trees, LOL!

    Thanks for visiting Marlie and Me