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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Minnie and Mickey Mouse Birthday!

This weekend was Baby M's big bday bash! My little niece was sooo adorable! I think her first birthday was a great success! 

Above my sister over at made the cupcakes. How cute are they! They are mini mouse cupcakes. too cute!

First we went to a playground where the kids ran wild and so did the adults haha! They had slushies and it was so funny to see the adults get very hyper then crash from the sugar, worse than the kids haha.

Little M hugs all her friends, adorable!

Then we we headed to my brothers place for a BBQ.

Mickey Mouse was there! :)
Baby M was a little shocked and wasn't sure how to react haha!

We had a great time. Happy First Birthday Baby M!! We love you!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

An Amazing birthday mini-getaway

 Friday I turned 30! and I gotta say, I had a great 30th bday weekend.

 We went away for 2 nights about an hour and half north to Blue Mountain Resort.
We stayed at the Mosaic hotel. It was soo nice. The room had a pool view and a cute kitchenette.
We didn't cook there at all (we love trying new restaurants) but I did use the fridge for water and my daily dose of milk :)

We enjoyed live bands, romantic dinners and just pure relaxation.
We also  drove through the scenic hill to enjoy the view and also found a place to park in front of the Lake.
It was sooo nice! Here are some pics!

We saw many families and couples with new babies enjoying there time there. We will definitely bring baby K there next summer! :)Once we got home Sunday we went to the in laws and SURPRISE! the whole family was there and my sister and her fiance too with lots of food and yummy cake!

I'm so grateful for everyone in my life. I'm really excited for the future :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

A little about my 20's. Hello 30's!

So I wanted to write all about my 20’s and add all the pictures too, but there is wayyy too much to write and I would need sooo much time to gather all the pics aha!  So here is a little about my 20’s.

Sooo In my 20's

Loved driving our GT mustang!

I Went to Cuba 3 times, took some road trips: North/South Carolina, New Haven, Montreal and Quebec city. Went to Punta Cana twice, Went to Bahamas, San Diego, Jamaica and San Francisco.

Graduated College with a Business diploma.

Lost loved ones, Dad, Grandpa, and a sweet Aunt, and had a MC :(

Got engaged in Cuba

Bought a house in the city (a fixer upper)

Got married

Got our first furbaby together

Started my Blog!!!

Sold the house in the city and bought our current house just north of the city.

Became a SIL, an Aunt and a Godmother!

Gone through many ups and downs and it always made me stronger and smarter haha!!

Met amazing people and had amazing parties with family and friends!

Now Pregnant with our first baby Boy :) and going to begin my 30's with being a mom....

I’m looking forward to my 30’s… more travelling, more adventures, more parties … being a parent and always always being focused on growing towards a dream!

A good way to enter my 30's!
Gift from my amazing husband. Love you!
 Oh and it's my mom's birthday too! Happy birthday mom!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hair, Birthday and Goals

Friday I cut my hair! As you saw in my previous posts. A little shorter than I wanted, but my hair grows super fast so I didn't mind... although I was having an issue with it the last couple days but this morning I think I got it right!

Yesterday was my husband and my niece's Birthdays!!! A turned 10!! And My husband which is also A turned 32!!

Whats a 10 year olds birthday with out Justin Bieber!!! haha!
My sister and I bought my niece a couple outfits from PINK. Here is one of the dresses we bought her, she's so cute in it. If they had my size I'd buy one for me too! haha!
Since A and I have been carpooling, my schedule needed to be re-worked. I'm still working on it but so far only 2 meals of the day BF and Lunch are on track. Dinner is the issue as we always find so many things to do together right after work! So I need to get back on track with cooking home meals at least 4 days a week!

I haven't weighed myself in a couple weeks, but it helps me not focus on the number too much and more on the healthy choices, and I'm ok with that... for now haha!

This weeks snack choice - Blueberries and yogurt!! Yum!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend of lots of eating..Oh dear

Look what my sister made for me Saturday could I resist! My sister is such a good little baker!
My birthday weekend was fun but it was filled with a lot of eating! Going wayyy over my daily calories!

Friday night we went out for Thai dinner. We went to this place in our old area. It brought back so many good memories. We use to come here all the time just after we got married. We would talk about our goals and plans so much at this place, so it felt great to be there.
I had my favorite, Coconut red curry shrimp and veggies.. Yum!
Look what I got too! As a gift from my cousins... Word art!!!!! I just love word art! (you all know that!) Can't wait to put it up! I have the perfect place for these in my bedroom!

Friday night we planned to go watch Eat Pray Love but we were so tired after our dinner and decided to come home and relax so tonight we are hoping to head out to the movies and watch it. Can't wait!!!

AND this week I need to REALLY I mean REALLY focus on my weight loss goals! I desperately want to drop 10lbs soon! Pictures don't lie and so far I'm not liking what I see!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Birthday ....

Today was my 29th birthday and my mom's 52nd birthday. When I was younger (haha) I felt that time would go so slow, even at 25, 30 seemed sooo far away... and now the years are just flying by! I am in a happy time in my life tho (minus my pms week aahah) I've accomplished many of my goals in my 20's and I have many new future ones to come too. I'm looking forward to all the great years ahead. Living, Loving laughing and even starting my own little family one day :) I'm excited and looking forward to growing and growing towards my dreams! (had to use it, it was too perfect heehee)

Tonight we went to my moms for dinner and cake. My mom bought me this money tree, whoohoo lets hope it works so maybe I could leave my stressful job! hmm I'd like that!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, it's been a long week! Going out with the husband tomorrow night for a bday out on the town, can't wait!

Happy Friday! I'm going to set some new goals that I want to reach for the year! :)