Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun Wedding Filled Day!

Today was the Canadian Bridal Show DT Toronto. So a group of us went down to support my sister in her wedding planning. I'm her MOH and sooo excited to be part of her wedding. My sister was my MOH as well 3 years ago and we had a blast and we will have a blast all over again!

We had so much fun... I love my girls and we always enjoy each others company.

We were my sisters little assistants. Asking questions, filing out contest ballots and we helped with cake tasting too.

And whats going DT without having street meat!

On the way back home the girls wanted to watch my wedding video. So I pulled it out and we watched it. It brought back so many wonderful memories. My wedding day was the BEST DAY of my life!

So I pulled out my wedding dress and my cousins and sister tried it on aahhah!

My sister tucked in the straps and loves this look for her dress, so now we have an idea of what to go out and look for!

Look how great the dress looks on them! Love it!

And guess what movie was on tonight... BrideWars hahahh! Great movie and a perfect movie to end the wedding filled day!

So now in a year and a half my sister and her fiance will be the ones in the middle!


  1. What a beautiful dress!! I am liking the strapless too! I may or may not be printing this and giving it to whoever is doing my dress! Looks like a fun day! =D

  2. That is a really fun day! I love how everyone tried on your dress. I LOVED your dress by the way. You looked like a princess.

  3. I'm still shocked when I see your blonde hair:)

  4. I was just going to ask if that was you as a blonde! You were a beautiful bride!