Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunch Makeover

I usually have salads for lunch but the other day at the grocery store I found these frozen meals. They have a variety of different meals all ranging from 200-300 calories!!! Perfect for a lunch!
And look how good it looks and tastes so yummy!

This week I decided that any snacks I had during the work day was going to be fruits...
Especially around flu season apples live up to their saying... a apple a day keeps the doctor away haha!

I made dinner only twice this week, but I can see how my schedule is slowly becoming more free in the evenings. So I'm hoping to cook dinners at least 5 times a week soon!
Today is the first day of FALL! The leaves on the trees are already changing!

The best part of this time of year are all the season premieres on TV.

So far I'm loving. DWTS and Modern Family. I missed GLEE this week, so I'm hoping to catch that next week! I haven't watched much TV all summer and haven't seen many commercials. Anyone know if Desperate Housewives and Brothers and sisters have season premieres this week?

What are your favorite TV shows this season????


  1. That shrimp looks simply AMAZING! I just ate dinner and it made me hungry again :)

  2. Enjoy reading your blog so much, got to admit its my fave one out there.

    Love those frozen entrees bought some myself a while back so easy and yummy.

    DH and Brothers and Sister's Premiere's this Sunday, Can't wait!!!!

  3. We really love the healthy choice steamers! They are good and don't taste "frozen" :)

  4. oh yum, those shrimp skewers look amazing!! what are those little green veggies on your plate??
    i love watching parenthood and am anxiously awaiting the premiere of brothers and sisters!!

  5. Those microwave lunches are delicious, but be careful of the fat grams and the fact that they are not as healthy on the nutrition scale as a salad. I always found that they left me feeling hungry about an hour and a half later as well.

  6. Actually some only have 4 grams of fat which is not bad at all. I'm loving them and makes a great alternative to having salads everyday. So I do them every other day, works great so far :)

  7. I will have to agree that those frozen meals are delish and I honestly do not think they are bad for you at all, I find them more filling than a salad, after all salad is made up nothing but water so I'm having trouble understanding how water is more filling than an actual meal.

    PS Love your blog keeps me entertained while I'm up all hours of the night nursing :)