Thursday, September 09, 2010

Second Workout of the Week

Lots of pictures going on here today :) Tonight my sister and I went for a jog. The air is cooler and its much more comfortable. We jogged/walked through a park for an hour. The one thing I like about the parks are the hills, you really feel it in the Butt! haha!

Since the weather is changing, it's getting darker a littler earlier. So during our run through the park it was a little dark. We were hearing all different types of noises and we know there are coyotes in this park too. So we pretty much freaked each other out and starting running for our lives out of the wooded area. At one point I spotted a dog far away and said to my sister COYOTE! She jumped and almost fell to the floor (haha) then noticed it was a dog. She wasn't impressed by that.
I love the summer, but I also loveeee the FALL!
And anything pumpkin pie!

Since Fall is just around the corner, it means Fall shopping must begin! I have my eye on these items.

I'm finally going to get myself a pair of UGGS . I have a gift certificate to SoftMoc so I'm excited to use it this weekend! Whoohoo!

Have you begun Fall shopping???


  1. Yay for fall! I would be so freaked out at the thought of a coyote, I don't know if I could go on that trail, haha! I want to get some Uggs too, just for the comfort factor. You can't beat it!

  2. i cannot start even thinking about fall clothes's still 95 degrees here! just looking at a coat at the mall makes me hot... lol! love the uggs, i might get some this year too!!

  3. I've never had pumkin spice coffee...must try it.

    I did a post of shoes I'm drooling over for Fall. I guess I could give up Summer!

    Be careful with those coyotes!