Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let's talk synchronicities...

Today I went out grocery shopping and made sure to buy a lot of fruits and veggies. I've been low in Vitamin B before and been feeling a little sluggish lately so I must make sure I'm getting those much needed nutrients!

I also bought persimmons. I haven't had these since I was a kid! I was reminded of them lately.... What do you think of these synchronicities.

2 weeks ago while grocery shopping I got the feeling and the taste in my mouth of a persimmon. (weird right!). It reminded me of my grandfather. He use to eat them all the time but I couldn't remember at all what this fruit was called or even what it looked like at the time but I could taste it! So I just forgot about it and left it at that.

Then this week at my mom's house, my sisters fiance was eating this different looking fruit (soo weird that he brought that fruit from home to begin with!)... he asked if I wanted some... I said what is that!? And then he told me it's a persimmon! My memory went straight back to 2 weeks ago and how I was strangely tasting that fruit. So I had some to be sure, and sure enough it was that fruit!

I know our souls live on and I know our loved ones always send us signs.

I didn't even connect this all until yesterday. I was driving to work and I thought of the whole situation and just knewwwww it was my grandfather saying hello! and possibly telling me to eat more fruit Ha! I was getting a little emotional about it and then it got more interesting....

My SIL sent me a email yesterday morning. She said she was talking to a cousin of mine that was always close to my dad. He was telling her about things my dad would say about me. He told her that my dad would tell him that anything I do in life, I would succeed. That I'm eager and luck is on my side. (I started to cry when I read it)

This was so random and so strange that I had just put together the persimmon fruit situation. So I took a longer lunch and went to the cemetery to visit my grandparents and my Dad. I miss them all so much! My grandmother was such a sweet kind hearted lady and she loved my dad so much, he was her little baby. They are all together and I KNOW the 3 of them are our angels. If I ever have a little girl she will be named after my grandma. :)

Pretty cool huh!

Hope you all have a Happy Weekend! I am having my family over tomorrow to celebrate being chosen for little M's Godparents. We are excited. I love my family!

Oh and I added some more Christmas decor. Our Stockings! For me, husband and Zoe. Lets see how long they last. Last year Zoe would play with them until they fell off haha!
Sorry for the longer than usual post Ha! But I had to tell this story!

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  1. Everyone loves you and will look after you hun, cuz you are an amazing girl!