Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So glad to be off this week!

I'm off this week! And I love it! I love not working (minus the whole not getting paid thing haha!) But If I could work from home I totally would! So I have some BIG side biz goals for the new year!

I just love the holidays, we've been visiting family and friends and having a great time catching up with every one.

The last 10 years I've had a lot of different jobs and from every single job I have friends I still keep in contact with, even if it's only a couple times a year we see each other we have blogs and facebook and email these days so we are always in contact with each other. :) Tonight I met with one of those friends for a coffee, it was so nice to catch up.

Zoe loves when we are home. I love how this little fur ball loves our attention and always wants to be around us. When husband and I are sitting on the couch she's always between us. And she follows me everywhere! The minute I get up she following me. Wherever I go sit, she's beside me.
(I was yelling at her to get off the table, so she went on the chair)
Hope you all are enjoying your holidays!!! Hoping to do a VLOG (video giveaway) soon! I'm a little nervous about it though! :)


  1. hey tania, glad you are enjoying your time off and spending some quality time with your cat, she looks like she needs alot of attention, lol! :) do a vlog... that would be awesome!! (I'm just catching up with all your posts, finally got my computer fixed, yay!!)

  2. Enjoy your week off. Your kitty is so cute! XOXO