Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Sunday In

Today I used my Sunday to catch up with household stuff and side biz stuff.

Today started great with my husband making us delicious lattes! We were tempted to go out for BF but decided that Sunday should be our day in. Today we made sure to cook all meals at home. For lunch I made oven baked potatoes and chicken and samosas on the side. I made brownies for dessert! And Applesauce too. YUM!
Yesterday I went with my sister to book her bridal shower for next year. Time really feels like it's flying and her wedding will be here in no time!! I can't wait!

After that we went for BF and with full bellies we then hit the mall. I bought new tights and a new colorful tank. I'm excited for this years fashion. I'm loving the long summer dresses and floral designs and the sandals. I have my eye on so many items and can't wait to get back to the mall, just need this weather to change!
It feels like we'll never get warmer weather here :( ... Last week we had a snow storm! and it's so cold too burr!... grr!
Go away cold weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got another new item this weekend.... A new hair straightener!! My MIL is a hair dresser and ordered me this.
It's amazing! I love it! It goes up to 450F! yikes!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. I'll be going out grocery shopping soon and planning this weeks meals. I'll blog about that during the week :)


  1. brownies, YUM!! i'm really looking forward to summer dresses too, the long dresses are slimming yay!! :)

  2. I love lazing around Sundays. I was complaining about of 55 degrees yesterday, but I'm going to shut up now

  3. It's always nice to have a day in! Careful, careful with that flat don't want to burn your hair off and look like Pat Benetar :)