Thursday, August 11, 2011

28 weeks pregnant update

H&M Maternity Tights, Regular Medium top (whoop!)and new flats from Winners.

This week!
How Far Along: 28 Weeks!
Size of baby: 2 and a quarter pounds!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: not weighing myself this week :)
Maternity Clothes: Mixture of mat and regular clothes
Symptoms: I'm really feeling my weight now, on my poor feet.
What I'm looking forward to? Buying the crib set!

Some new items:

More hats!

We stopped doing bday gifts for adults on my side, we decided to buy things only for the kids. So my sister bought me these cd's for baby K for my bday :) so cute. Can't wait to listen to them! (don't worry I won't blast them in the car haha!)

Lot's of bday's in the summer. My brother, Me, My mom, Niece, BIL, Sister! Tomorrow is mine and my moms bday and Tuesday is baby M's 1st bday! So I bought her this cute chair with a stool for her bedroom! What do you think!?

I'm totally eying this one for baby K's nursery!

Since I'm turning.... 30!!! tomorrow, I decided that I need to make sure my vision board gets re-done. At Winners they have these cool vision boards, so I'll be buying one for myself today.
Today is the last day of my 20's.... Tomorrow I'll blog all about my 20's haha :)


  1. Congrats on 28 Weeks! You are looking fabulous as always! I love the hats and the gift you picked out for your niece!

    Let me be one of the first to wish you an early Happy Birthday! Looking forward to your post tomorrow! :)

  2. You look great hun! love the chair to baby M!

  3. love the polka dot chair, so cute! kiss those 20's goodbye, welcome to your 30's!! :)