Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend recap, nursery and OB appointment.

Friday night was my sisters Champagne Birthday! We all went to a nice dinner DT and I gotta say, I had the most delicious appetizers and steak dish that night hhaha heaven!

My mom was babysitting my nieces so when I got there I spent sometime playing with little M. My mommy skills are not to sharp yet... I gave her, her sippy cup with water and didn't turn the lid tight enough... Baby M poured it all over herself and in the playyard... haha. I now know for next time.
I also fed her, her favorite yogurt... I did ok on that, whew!

Saturday we finally purchased the nursery set! I was a little sad that it won't be delivered until the first week of October.  But it's ok, Baby K's due date is Nov 4.

I went with this set below. Crib and Hutch. I also got a night table and the glider chair in beige :)

We also bought all the extras for his room too! Curtains for the bay type window in his room, shelves for the closet, and a new light fixture too.
It's all coming together!

Sunday we had a relaxing day with family. My husband has 3 brothers and I have a brother and sister... Baby K has lots of Aunts and Uncles (Tio's, Tia's and Zio's and Zia's) that are all anxiously waiting his arrival! Both sides of our families love Soccer... So baby K will surely be confused with ALL the teams he will be cheering for ahahha! Mommy is Italian, and Husband is Honduran... Husband cheers for many different teams, like Brazil and Spain and many others... except Italy ahhah! I don't think my grandpa would be impressed.

This morning I went to my OB.  She said that the baby sounded busy! His heart rate was 141bpm and she heard him kick like crazy. My placenta is placed in the front so it acts like a big cushion to many of the kicks, that is why some days I hardly feel kicks and other times I do a lot, just depends on where he is kicking. She felt around and said his head is down, she measured the belly and said it's growing perfectly! 

Feeling baby kick a lot right now between my ribs!

She also suggested I take prenatal classes. I wasn't going to, but she has been telling me to since the beginning.. maybe I should?

This week I will be dropping off the paper work to the hospital where I will deliver. Time is flying!!! 10 weeks to go!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a fun and safe weekend.


  1. practice more and get ready lol, u have 10 weeks!! can't wait!

  2. 10 weeks, wow! it will be here before you know it! i love the beautiful furniture, his room is going to be adorable!

  3. You are such a cute pregnant person!!!