Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cute Baby Boy Clothes

After I did all the laundry for baby K I counted all the outfits too. I noticed that I have lots of 3 month clothes and only 1 NB outfit and no 3-6 month clothes. So I decided now that every time I go out I must buy a couple outfits for him :)

I'm not sure how many NB clothes he will need? (moms?) And does 0-3 mean it will fit him as NB too?

I know it will depend on his size. But I do want to be prepared! :)

Here are some cute outfits I picked up at Winners and Bonnie Togs :)
Bonnie Togs NB

Winners 3-6months

Winners 0-3 months

Winners 0-3 months

A gift from my cousins :)

Swaddler blankies and a cute outfit! :)

Baby clothes are soo super cute!


  1. i love all those outfits, they looks so comfy! he's going to be the best dressed baby in Canada! :)

  2. Yes it does depend on his size but from a mother of a 13 month old; you will not need a lot of NB. 0-3 is most likely what he will be wearing. I didn't have any NB and she was fine but was a big baby :) Lots of full piece pj's (with the feet) are your best bet. My little on has bins already filled with brand new outfits that she didn't even wear because newborns live in onsies in the beginning (its the most comfortable for them I believe) :)

  3. Love lil boy clothes, A has the first PJ above, love that it turns into a nightgown too :)

  4. i bought a lot too today! love them!

  5. My son is now 7 months old. When he was a newborn he spent most of his time in footed sleepers, kimono shirts (worn inside his Woombie) and slept in Woombies. I STRONGLY suggest Woombies!! Wonderful infant swaddler. Even used it at the hospital. We went through several onsies a day at first due to light cord seepage before it fell off so I suggest multiples of those too.