Thursday, September 08, 2011

31 week ultrasound

 Yesterday we went for my 31 week ultrasound! Baby looks all cozy in this belly. We saw and heard his heartbeat, saw his weewee haha and saw him kicking around in there.  We didn't get any pics tho.  Lady said she couldn't get a clear shot for a picture (whatever, the ultrasound place is super annoying) I was just happy to hear and see him, so I didn't yell haha.  She said his head is down and he was curled up so his feet are facing my right side.
Last night I couldn't sleep at all. I'm most comfortable on my back, but I think the weight is now pressing on my ribs and back muscles and it hurts! Then we had miss kitty meowing like crazy at our bedroom door, I think she heard me tossing and turning and wanted in. Now she's all cozy on the couch sleeping, must be nice to be her huh ahah!

I love summer, but this preggo is happy for the cooler weather.  I was running out of summer wear that fits! For fall I have all my sweaters that will fit fine so it will be much easier to dress this growing belly for fall. And FALL is my favorite season anyway so I'm looking forward to it! :)

Tomorrow I'll be 32 weeks! That means 8 weeks to go! 57 more days!


  1. I am so glad all is well on the ultrasound! :)

  2. 32 weeks!! Wow! I'm jealous that it's feeling like fall where you are. We're still in triple digits out here. Boo to that!!

  3. it must be so cool to see your baby on the ultrasound! hooray for 8 weeks, it will be here before you know it!