Monday, September 19, 2011

My Baby Shower!

Yesterday was my Baby Shower!

My Sister organized it and she is the one that did the baking too! Looks awesome huh!

Lots of pics below!

 I have a huge family.  We had 65 people in total. We rented this old town hall to hold the event and it was perfect. It was a fun afternoon!

 I got everything and anything for baby K, you name it, I got it!

 My niece was my little helper, she loved opening all the gifts.
 Lots and lots...

I have all the baby things scattered around, I put most things away in my hallway closet aka Baby stuff closet.  Some things for later use in the basement ,and of course all the clothes in the basement ready to be washed. I have a big basket full of blankets, and 1 laundry basket over flowing with newborn to 3 month clothes and another basket for 6-9 month clothes. 

Baby K is soo loved and everyone is soo excited to meet him! We are so blessed with amazing family and friends. 

I also got many gift cards, so next purchase will be a good Breast pump!


  1. oh, looks like such a great time tania, you had a huge turnout and got so many amazing gifts! :) you're definitely loved! thanks for sharing the pics from your shower.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL shower! You have a gorgeous family! I'm so glad you had a great afternoon. Baby K is really lucky to have all those loved ones! :)

    Looking great Mama! xo

  3. Looks like you had a great shower! Your sister did an amazing job on the cake/cupcakes:)

  4. Just stopped by your blog for the first time.

    What a lovely baby shower!
    I like how the hall is so bright and not dingy looking! haha
    Where was it? I just may consider holding future events there!

    Thanks :)