Sunday, September 04, 2011

Saturday shopping with my sister

 Yesterday I spent the whole day shopping with my sister. My husband went camping for the long weekend with his friends. So what better way to spend my weekend... shopping!

We went to the Coach Outlet that's only 25 mins from my house! It's only been open for about a year and I'm soo glad it's much closer than the other one we use to drive an hour and half away to. I foresee many trips to this closer Coach store in my future haha!

I bought a new cross body purse and wallet. :) On Sale and an Extra 30% off too!

Sister bought a cute Coach hat!

We also went bridesmaid dress shopping in the city. We found the perfect dress! Sooo Exciting!

Husband took the SUV camping, and in no way was I complaining about driving his cute bmw around, but with this belly it was tough getting in and out of those bucket seats! It's stick too, and I already need the seat to go up it's furthest for my short legs to reach the clutch, the belly made my seating a bit off. 

Growing up in the city and always street parking, I'm usually a pro and paralleling... yesterday.. not so much haha!

We also stopped over at the apple farm for apple pies and apple turnovers. Yum!
I had a piece for breakfast this morning. soooo gooood! :)
 I had a 50% coupon at Michaels so we spent a good hour in there yesterday buying cute items haha! Love Michaels!   I bought a scrapbook with lots of stickers! So I'll print all my pregnancy photos and place them in here :) Can't wait to get started!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

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  1. oh i love all your coach purchases! i'm jealous that you have a coach outlet near you, the closest one to me is 5 hours away. :-(

  2. it's great idea to print all the pregnancy photos and put them together! i will do it too lol! u looked great hun! love that we have a closer coach outlet!