Thursday, September 22, 2011

Avocado Saver!?

Have you seen this? An Avocado saver? While out shopping this week I saw this avocado saver for 4.00. I never seen it before so wanted to try it out.

At lunch yesterday I only had half a avocado and saved the other half with the pit.  It fits perfectly in the avocado saver.

It actually works! So glad I have that now.

I also got 2 small pumpkins! Next week I will buy big ones! Tomorrow is the first day of fall!


  1. Cool! I was wondering if those Avocado savers actually worked. :)

  2. oh man! i wish i would of invented the avacado saver, i'd be rich lol!! ;)
    have a happy last day of summer today and first day of fall tomorrow! :)