Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The weeks and years just fly by

Today 9 years ago my dad passed away. I can't remember if I ever went into detail about his passing here on my blog. But it's one of those things, that some days I can talk openly about it and other days I just rather not get too deep into it because I don't want to feel so sad bringing up the past. My sister said it perfectly on her Facebook status today...
You know your an amazing father when after 9yrs your kids still look to you for advice, and even though you can't answer.. They know exactly what you would say. You were an amazing man, and you taught us a ton of life lessons that most don't ever learn. We are strong because of you. Missing you always.. R.I.P Daddy. 9yrs today.

So today as I do every year I went to the cemetery. It's always so calming there and it's the one place I can be so honest and true in expressing my feelings without any judgement. And my dad was just that person, he never judged people.

I can hardly believe that it's been 9 years already! (I bought that chair for us to sit on when we visit, 9 years ago!)

This week I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant. We decided to put a middle name for baby K that is similar to my dad's name, we went back and forth on it and every time I went to the cemetery this year I felt that it was the perfect thing to do.

Today I also had an OB appt. OB said my cervix was soft and baby's head is in position which are all great signs for my first baby. She thinks he will be early. So let's see!!

It's a beautiful fall day here. Hope you all are having a great day.

Ok, so I wrote the above this morning and saved it.  The rest of the afternoon went by and I started to feel pain in my pelvic area and a sick feeling like weak and a big headache.

So I came straight home to lay down.  Right now I can barely walk!


  1. so happy and excited for babyK's arrival! feeling touching about your feeling of your dad, we should always cherish the love ones that around us! love u hun!! xoxoxo

  2. your dad sounds like he was such a special person. no one can ever take away the memories you have with him. thinking of you! hope you feel better!