Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy Chocolatey Monday

The day started off slow, baby and I slept in which was nice. When we woke up the baby's diaper had leaked! Pee and poo! So I had to clean up a mess and give my little guy a bath. Bath time is so fun, I think my little boy lovess being pampered haha!

We didn't end up ready until about 1pm, so I decided to just get dressed and head out for some fresh air and breakfast, well lunch I guess :). We we went to a nearby plaza and did a little shopping. I bought some nursing bras, a new tall tumbler cup, new large wine glasses and some baking supplies.

 This weekend I did a lot of baking! I made my yummy banana bread (using whole wheat flour and added coconut flakes) I also made chocolate cookies for my sisters bridal shower.  I made another batch of the chocolate cookies today too... This time I gave into temptation and ate 4 cookies! I'm off of chocolate because I noticed chocolate bothers my baby's tummy (breastfeeding). So lets pray it doesn't today!

Hope you all had a great Monday
Future Blogger haha!


  1. Oh, adorable! The cookies don't look bad either! :) I'm trying to stay away from sugar as much as possible! It's not easy!