Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Sister's Bridal Shower!

The most delicious cake!

 Sunday was my beautiful sister's bridal shower! It was soo pretty! She had a purple theme and the whole set up looked beautiful... The pictures say it all!
The bridal head table :)

Centerpiece, Cakestand with a teapot of hydrangeas and pearl decor

Gift boxes filled with cookies, purse holder and a thank you card
My sister the bride did pretty much all the baking for her shower!

We played a bunch of games too... About the bride question games, a fun poem centrepiece game and the fun toilet paper bride ha!
Haha my great aunt looked adorable!

The bridal party :)

My sister had a wonderful time... We always do with our family and friends.
Kristian was sooo good! I think he was confused with seeing soo many people haha he slept a lot that afternoon too. He met many members of my family for the first time too.
My sweet baby, he is excited for his aunt's wedding!
The wedding is in 2 months!!!!!!! This weekend we go for our dress fittings! I can't wait!
My sister beautiful bride to be!, Niece and SIL and me and Kris.


  1. Wow what a gorgeous bridal party!! The cake was beautiful. Did your sister make that as well? Looks like she's going to have a beautiful wedding!

  2. That cake looks amazing! And your little guy is adorable.

  3. the cake and cookies look awesome! what a pretty bridal shower, sounds like you girls had fun!!

  4. cake looks tasty and colorful cookies are delightful, lots of love and congrats for your sister

  5. What a beautiful shower! Congratulations to your sister! :) You all look beautiful!


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