Thursday, January 05, 2012

A coconut dream

I've been Breastfeeding baby boy for 2months! Breastfeeding does have its challenges and having a support group and other women to talk to helps so much! I always have a million questions.

Since Breastfeeding I noticed some foods that baby k was sensitive to. Milk/cheese (dairy), chocolate, spicy and I think coffee but I'm not too sure. I only drink a little these days and I don't see the same reaction that I do when I have an actual glass of milk.

I do miss my milk though!
My SIL suggested I try coconut dream milk. I tried it out with my cereal and loved it! It gives the cereal a soft coconutty taste. So coconut dream is my new milk!

Last week when Kristian was sick and not eating that much I decided to pump a lot and feed him with the bottle... Well to my surprise he refused the bottle! I love Breastfeeding but i have some occasions coming up and would like him to take a bottle so I don't have to nurse and can leave him for a couple hours too. So I bought the Medela calma bottle which says mimics Breastfeeding. So we will try it out!

Kristian is also becoming so aware of things, when I talk or he hears something loud, he'll stop nursing and look up at me. It's too cute, but wonder as he gets older he will want to be in the middle of it all instead of nursing with mama ;(

This week I wanted to start on some if the goals I made for myself... That didn't work out so well. Monday is my new start date ;)

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