Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yummy seafood pasta!

This afternoon a friend and I with our little boys went out to lunch. We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants.
We had delicious fried calamari and seafood pasta. Soo good! Not exactly sure how to log these calories in my fitnesspal, hmm! Let's make today a bonus day.

After lunch we went to the mall to shop a bit. A walk after our meal was definitely needed. I was soo surprised how long baby K slept for. I was worried he was going to wake up and cry during lunch hahaa!

He is changing sooo much! I love it! It was a perfect Wednesday. Now we have ribs in the slowcooker for dinner!

Hope you had a great Wednesday!!


  1. I'm not able to place pics where I want with the iPhone blogger app. So they aren't in any order haha

  2. Tania!! you make me hungry at 2:40am!!!lol

  3. yummmm! this made me hungry!! hahahaha