Thursday, November 08, 2012

Colds, Ear infection, hospital. My busy week!

This is my last week, well down to last Friday tomorrow of my maternity leave. It's back to work Monday! :(

This week has been soo busy!

My mom had day surgery yesterday and stayed over night. I brought her in and stayed with her for a bit yesterday then stayed with her all day today too. I have a cough that is driving me crazy! The hospital has big signs saying to not even enter if you are sick... hmm but it's a hospital weird ha! But I followed their rules and wore a mask... ummm I was the only one! And everyone looked at me funny. But the air in the hospital was sooo dry that it had me coughing soo much! Ugh!


I brought my mom some magazines and a warm scarf which she loved. Everything went well with her surgery and she is back home today.

I dropped her off about 4pm today then headed to get baby K at daycare.

We have all been fighting a cold here and this morning I thought that I better bring Kris to the doctor before I go back to work! So after I picked him up from daycare we went to the doctor. Kris was cranky and in no mood to be there. Neither was I! I was soo tired and hungry from running around all day! I told the doctor that he had been stuffy for about 9 days! He took a look and said that he has a ear infection. Because he was stuffy for so long and hasn't been able to blow it out, it infected his ear. He faxed the pharmacy the prescription and I went down to pick it up. It took about 10 minutes thank goodness no longer, carrying the baby, his jacket my purse and diaper bag I was completly exhausted. Then we rushed home for dinner, both of us were starving!

So glad I am home now in my pj's relaxing. What a day!

Daycare update: Kris did really well today, they even got him to drink 4oz of milk and 1 whole yogurt! He ate all his lunch and all his snacks as usual haha. His teachers always mention how he loves to eat haha. When I walked in today he was crawling around, I watched for a bit until he noticed me and he got so excited and cried until I picked him up.

Yesterday he got back his proofs from picture day. Look how cute!!!! He looks like such a big boy! How did they get him to pose so well hahaha :)


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  2. Those are such cute pictures!!! You make that mask look good, lol!!

  3. Oh goodness he really does look like a big boy in those pictures. It's seriously so crazy how fast they grow :(

    I love his widows peek. My boy has one too!