Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot week!

This week was super hot and humid! 

Finding things to do with a toddler without spending too much time outside at once was hard.

We went to a new playland with a friend. The kids loved it! Watching them climb up stairs and climb over things being brave was so cute to watch. 

I made homemade juice Popsicles which kept us cool too! 

We also went to the splashpad for some fun too. It was fun until a little boy about 6 years old came and starting kicking water in Kristian's face until he cried. ;( horrible. It broke my heart! Kris was so upset. I picked up Kris and tried to calm him down, but he was afraid to go back in. Boo! 

Next week will be cooler and not as hot and humid as this week whew! We love summer and want to enjoy the outdoors! 

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