Monday, July 08, 2013

Yes my toddler screams NO!

Ha! Other than my niece, I haven't been around many toddlers so the toddler life is new to us too. I read up a lot on behavior and know that my little toddler is acting exactly how a little toddler should!

But when around others that don't have kids we find ourselves having to explain his behavior. 

Yes my toddler has mood swings, yes he hugged and kissed you once then snubbed you a second later, yes my toddler will not share with you, yes that was my toddler that ate the soil and licked the rocks, yes that was my toddler that went up and down the stairs alone one thousand times to prove he can do it and yes my toddler will scream NO to NOO end! Ha! 

It may drive us crazy too sometimes but I get a kick out of seeing how independent my little guy is learning to be. He is learning about his surroundings and learning that yes those are his toys and you better not touch them. He is learning what he wants in his little life. When he says he wants a avocado you better get him that avocado or he will let you know how upset he is. 

Toddlers are so fun to be around they live in the moment and have so much fun doing simple things like licking rocks haha and jumping in puddles! 

Of course it's also exhausting because they are non stop! This weekend I looked forward to bedtime and naps to get much needed breaks. 


  1. hahaha, love it! sounds like he has alot of energy! now i know what i have to look forward to in about 2 years... i'm scared! lol!

  2. mine screams too lol, very loud! we will let them scream to each other on Thursday lmao