Saturday, July 20, 2013

Project Paint RED

I've been getting inspired these days to do a little painting. I love DIY projects but I really haven't done much in years! When I lived at home oh soo many years ago haha I painted my own room a couple of times and even made myself a desk ha! 

When we bought our first home 8 years ago it was a fixer upper and I was right in the middle of all the work! Sanding, taking down walls, painting. And helped paint our current home too! Ok the husband did most of it but I helped! 

So painting some furniture... I can do! Well let's see. I picked out some pieces I have around to get started. I have soo many ideas! 

Picking a color was tough. At first I was going to go with grey, it's safe. But then I thought, I need a little RED in my life ha! 

So my ideas are: 

Getting some RED going on in our home by painting a black vase red! 

Painting a black chair red to use as a flower pot in the front yard. Pinterest inspired. 

Painting a wood stand red and adding chalk board paint to the top. Fun! 

And I want to paint half of baby k's little table with chalkboard paint too! 

Eee! First step I'll need to buy the tools and prep! 

If this all goes well.... Well, I have soo many more things in the house I want to paint and change up haha! 

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