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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun Girls Night Out!

Saturday night was my lovely sisters Stagette party with the girls!

We we went for a sushi dinner then to a lounge to have some fun!

It was an interesting evening, haha! I won't go into too much detail but the lounge was... different . But with all us girls together it was soo fun!

We even ordered cupcakes!

Bride to be!

We are excited for the wedding!!!!! Just 19 more days!!!!!!!! eeeeeeee!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Sister's Bridal Shower!

The most delicious cake!

 Sunday was my beautiful sister's bridal shower! It was soo pretty! She had a purple theme and the whole set up looked beautiful... The pictures say it all!
The bridal head table :)

Centerpiece, Cakestand with a teapot of hydrangeas and pearl decor

Gift boxes filled with cookies, purse holder and a thank you card
My sister the bride did pretty much all the baking for her shower!

We played a bunch of games too... About the bride question games, a fun poem centrepiece game and the fun toilet paper bride ha!
Haha my great aunt looked adorable!

The bridal party :)

My sister had a wonderful time... We always do with our family and friends.
Kristian was sooo good! I think he was confused with seeing soo many people haha he slept a lot that afternoon too. He met many members of my family for the first time too.
My sweet baby, he is excited for his aunt's wedding!
The wedding is in 2 months!!!!!!! This weekend we go for our dress fittings! I can't wait!
My sister beautiful bride to be!, Niece and SIL and me and Kris.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Only Wednesday?

Burr, it's getting cold here! (eyes are closed in my pic as usual! haha!) But I bought a new hat! I love it. My mom and sister loved it too, so yesterday my sister and I went to get a black one for my mom and my sister bought a purple one.

Yesterday sister and I took the day off work to hang out and shop. We went wedding dress shopping and my sister tried on some beautiful dresses! The sales lady was using me as her assistant, I didn't mind one bit!
Today I decided to add 5mins of the trampoline, I'll be doing this every morning in addition to my 4 workouts. It's quick and gives me some extra energy in the morning before work.

It's the time of the month (tmi i know) but I was one grumpy gal today. I was annoyed and emotional and felt like my world was falling apart. At work I held on to my rock and repeated, GOD is not trying to destroy me (lol) so dramatic but I was serious ha! But! I'm ok and in a much better mood tonight :) Whew!!!

Hurry Weekend!