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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Peg Perego Skate 2011 arrived!

Here it is!

We put it together last night and strolled around the house with it ha! We love it!

It also came with a rain cover, shopping bag and cup holder!

We also took measurements for the nursery.  I'm still torn between the 2 rooms I have that can be for the nursery. One is a perfect square room, 1 window more wall space, but a little bit smaller than the other room. Second room has 3 windows, so less wall space. I think decorating of the room will need to be after we get the furniture, that way we decorate the right room!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Peg Perego Skate 2011 is on order!

My amazing Sister and Sister in law are getting me this stroller and car seat as a gift for the baby! How Amazing is that!

I'm soo excited! I went to see it again on Tuesday and really love it. It's easy to handle and love that it comes with extra accessories like the bassinet and shopping bag.

And I will get the stand separately to place the bassinet on. (I love multi purpose items :)

 Everything is coming together and even tho I was feeling a little overwhelmed this week about baby products, I resolved that and so far happy with everything..... Now just need to get to that nursery!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nursery and Stroller idea's and wish list

I have soo many ideas for the nursery I keep going back and forth like a crazy person. I'm still going through all my ideas and even trying to decide which spare bedroom to choose, (room 1 is a perfect square with 1 window, room 2 is a longer than it is wide room with 3 windows)  I'll decide eventually, but here are some ideas I have.
A white tree on the wall (could be painted or even a sticker) I am thinking of  painting the room a Oatmeal (lighter beige) color on 3 walls and a milk chocolate color on 1 wall (same as my bedroom) Or just all oatmeal color with a brown tree.

Google Img
I'm also thinking of adding a rocking chair to the nursery. I think it's a cute touch. i also like the reclining chairs, I haven't fully decided on which one yet. I don't like to crowd a room so I may go with whichever takes less space.

I found a site with word decor and I really like this for above Kristian's crib.
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But also like these wall letters spelling out his name but afraid if I put them over the crib they might fall...
This is the crib set I like so far.
My mom already bought me this bedding set. What do you think?
Google Image

Google Image

I think I finally decided on the stroller I want too. I had another stroller in mind and I was sure I was going to go for but the other night we decided to just look at this one. One thing that sold me was the extra jumper seat that can be added. It also comes with more accessories than our first pick and has many of the same features too for half the price, bonus!. I also really liked how this one felt as I rolled it around toys r us. So for now this stroller bumped to my  #1.

 I'm sure this will not be my only blog post with my ideas ha!

Would love your feedback and any suggestions!! :)