Friday, June 05, 2009

3 more weeks!

3 More weeks till our move! Zoe is not happy with some of the empty rooms in the house!
As I mentioned before our home is a 3 story home and our bedroom was on the 3rd floor. Yesterday we started packing up the 3rd floor and brought our bedroom down to the second floor and into the office room. (So I don't have offie pics for Kellys Korner Show your home Friday ;( ) .... We took apart the office and brought it all down to the main floor where the dining room use to be since that is also taken apart! Zoe was mad and running around all night meowing wondering why things are not where they use to be hahha!

I was not impressed with the massive dust bunnies under the furniture, ha! no wonder I can't breathe. I must say, altho the new asthma meds the doc gave me have me with a sore throat and a little chest tightness, I think I was able to do a lot more than I ever did yesterday without getting overly tired. However I did go to bed soo achy, lower back pain and my knee is acting up again. (not sure the issue with the knee, feels like arthritis, omg my bod is breaking down everyday, so scary!) Whhhaaa!

Weekend is here, and don't really have anything exciting planned, only packing and cleaning, fun!

Have a great weekend everybody. Hopefully I have some good progress on my weigh in Monday ;) Fingers crossed!


  1. I am not a big fan of packing so good luck and try to enjoy the weekend!!