Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Plan for the week

Last week was good and bad all mixed together :) I did ok reaching some high numbers on the pedometer this weekend. 13500 Sunday alone :) Proud of that. Not so proud of the Big mac and fries I had on Sunday (bad bad!). I'm the classic emotional eater. When stressed, Big mac always makes me feel better, Ha! that is so bad isn't it!

The move is in 2 weeks and the house is upside down! I'm also trying to consume all frozen foods since our appliances don't come till the next day after the move, I really don't want to waste food especially on our super tight budget.

On that note, I'm looking for work these days as well. Our online company is doing well but I think our move was more expensive than we thought. So my job hunt has become more serious!! Boo :( Is it bad that I actually enjoy being home? I love the time for myself I get so much done working on the online business and to tell you the truth we save money too ;) Buuut We need all the extra cash we can get at least until we settle in and get our numbers straight. I'm pretty good at time management so I am sure that even with Full time work I can get all my extra activities fit in there as well. ;)

On a better note. My asthma is improving! With the meds I take daily, I haven't had coughing or wheezing for at least 5 days straight! I'm super happy about this! I'm going to try and run a couple laps this week and see if I have improvement in my breathing :)

Grocery shopping yesterday was a success, I bought lots of meals to be cooked at home :) So I will plan my meals out so that way we can stay AWAY from Fast Food! Bought a new wing sauce for wings :) Love eating weeks cause I can eat them with just a salad as a side. I'm trying to minus the carbs as much as we can.

Here are my new goals for the week. (Well same as last weeks, I didn't add anything from last weeks goals, I think I need to work hard on these 5 goals and FOCUS!)

1. Continue cooking at home (Plan meals)
2. Limit or fully cut out fast food, no fries!
3. No coffee shop foods, only coffee
4. Workout 3-5 times a week (1hour workouts) and/or 10000 steps on the pedometer.
5. No eating after 7pm.


  1. a big mac sounds soooo good right now!! lol! what is your online business?

  2. I'm happy to hear your asthma is getting better. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Thx guys ;)

    The company is a Canadian company directory :)