Monday, February 01, 2010

A Day of NEWS

ahaah had to show the meat pic... Well today I spent it worrying about my ultra sound and (peeing all that water I had to drink for it! 13 times in total aahah) 4pm I see my doctor's number on my cell phone. My heart drops and I was thinking it was about the ultrasound. Close, last week I went for blood work and it just so happens I'm very low in B12 and now I have to go in weekly for B12 shots! :( I have no clue what this means, I need to do my research and I'm going in Wednesday to talk to her and get my first shot. My cousin told me not to worry and that my cousin who is a vegetarian is always low in B12. I do eat meat, but I know I do not eat enough. I will be looking up the foods I should be eating, if you know more on this topic, please let me know!! :)

Ahem, this is the same doctor that told me to stop taking multi vitamins years ago. BOO shoulda taken them!!

Not liking these surprises!!

BUT there was 1 good surprise today tho, (altho, I already knew 2 months ago) My brother and his wife decided to announce to the family today that they are pregnant! I'm soooo excited to be an aunt!!!! Today was also my dads birthday, he would have been 54 today :( he passed away in 2002, and we miss him soooooo much. He would have been sooo happy to be a grandfather :( But I know he is always with us everyday in spirit and I am ok with that too :)

Me and my dad 1981 ;)

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