Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Take this B12...Or not

Huge piece of B12 Ha! Tonight we went out for a steak dinner...wish we has Sushi instead because after eating most of that huge steak above, my head feels cloudy! and I have the biggest headache. I know it could easily be the salt and not so much the meat, either way. Whats up with that!

I read up on B12 Deficiency and really can't think of reasons why I'm that low. I really don't want to think to far into it and make myself crazy. So I will do as the doctor says. I'm going tomorrow morning for my first B12 shot and to discuss this new issue grr! (sorta really scared of needles AHHH)

Before our big dinner we went to pick up our new car. Car #2! for the past 4 1/2 years since husband and I moved in together we were always ok with 1 car, then again we use to live in the city where a cab to downtown was less than 20 bucks, and ttc was at our doorstep, with the subway 3 mins down the street....
Ahhhhh freedom! ahaha. We both can be free to go out when we want without worrying about the other being trapped in suburbia! ahaha. Happy day!

Psst... 98 Followers! 2 more to 100! Now this is exciting stuff! Thanks for following :)


  1. Congrats for your 98 followers...about this b12 deficiency, how do you actually feel?
    BTW, I don't know if I'm wrong, but I never go to the doctor, well, only if I'm really bad.

  2. Give me a ride hun!!! and i love that big piece of B12 LOL..