Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sushi Party!

Sushi Platters! Yesterday night we had a bday gathering for my husband. We ordered 2 platters of Sushi and had samosas and spring rolls. They were all a big hit! :)

Love hosting parties can't wait to host the next!

Me and my sister. She baked for us below :)Cookies from Amanda's Cookies 4 Hope. If you are in the Toronto Area, Check out her site!
FUN! We had a great time :)

Even Zoe is pooped too!

With only 5 hours of sleep, I woke up, cleaned up then we went for a much needed Breakfast at Cora's :)

I just realized that tomorrow is March 1st and I still have 8lbs to lose by April 1st. I have been eating way to much, and altho I am working out, I am just maintaining and not dropping any weight!

Neeed to be more strict!.... 2mrw ;)

It's hockey time now CANADA Vs USA!


  1. Awwwwww man, I missed sushi! Sorry I couldn't make it, but Erlend's b-day is coming up in a month, and I'd like to have a big blowout, so we can all see each other again soon!

  2. That sushi party looks like it was a lot of fun! And, I was thinking that you looked really skinny in the picture of you holding the tray. With all of the working out, you may be building muscle while burning fat...hence the reason you are maintaining.

  3. Thanks Emily, you could be right. I really want the scale to go down tho, it's so hard. And I totally over ate this weekend :O. Need to get back on track 2mrw :)

  4. I wished I liked Sushi!! It seems so good for me!

  5. Congrats to Canada! I am sure you had a great time I saw your tweets.

    Fun! Looks so great!

    You can do this weight loss.