Thursday, February 04, 2010

Weekly Goals, but not this week.

Since I was feeling down the past couple days my husband wanted to cheer me up for lunch today and picked me up for Sushi :) Yes Sushi makes me happy ahah!
I ordered a roll box at this new place and it was huge! We both shared our meals with each other so it worked out fine :) Strangely my appetite was off yesterday and today, could be because I was a little worried and occupied with "Googeling!"

I read sooo much information on Ovarian Cysts and I feel much better. Yesterday my back was hurting A LOT! and because I knew why, it made me focus on that pain even more, but today it doesn't hurt at all... (I wonder if it's gone!!) I hope I hope I hope!

Going back to the information I found, I read that diet can help eliminate/prevent cysts. So I made notes and changed up my weekly goals for next week. AND I will be hitting the book store tonight too. (I know, I get obsessed with things, I just hate change! and even more if it's with my body...Controlling? Maybe a little ahah!)

Weekly Goals:
*5 days a week of home cooking, include many "green" veggies and carrots.
*Drink lots of water everyday! A MUST!
*Coffee - Only 1/2 cup in the morning only.
* 1300 - 1600 daily Calories intake (Tracking on Iphone "my fitness pal app)
*3 bite rule on sweets
*Eliminate "White"Carbs
* 3 days a week basement work out (Jillian Michaels 30 day shred video)
* 3 days a week 10000 steps on the pedometer
* More sleep! I've been staying up late and waking up grumpy not good, for anyone ahah!
* loofah body scrub to enhance circulation :)

I also read that increasing Vitamin A and B's are very good so I think my B12 shot will have much more use than 1!

I always see things as a "sign" and I think I have been getting the hints to make some major changes, and changes to continue my life with. Our bodies speak to us and we must listen, or it gets mad and won't hide it for long.

So glad the weekend is almost here!!!


  1. sushi always puts me in the BEST mood! hahah


  2. I'm drooling over your sushi picture. The last time I had some was the homemade attempt and it didn't look nearly so appetizing. And obsessive or not, I think it's great that you're focusing your goals on your overall health. Besides, they're not bad goals to have anyway.

  3. I feel full by just looking at the box of sushi LOL!!

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  5. Hi there!

    Visiting from the Friday Follow bloghop!

    Never had sushi -- need to try it! I'm also doing the Jillian Michaels Shred. I know it's good for me -- but I'm not happy! ;-)

    ~ Jennifer

  6. Happy Friday Follow! Great blog! I am now following you. Hope you come by and follow me, too

  7. Hey Tania, just catching up on your life. Are you going to have to go to your doctor for a follow up appointment to make sure your cyst has gotten smaller or gone away?

  8. Sushi is the best cure for a rough day/week! And good luck on your goals, you've inspired me to write my own down for the week!

  9. Good luck on your goals..been making my own at my place too!

    Happy Friday Follow. Looking forward to reading more!

  10. Following you from the Friday Follow!

  11. Happy SITS Sharefest! I like your 3 bite rule on sweets. I should try that. And so many people seem to be doing the Shred. Is it bad that it sounds terrifying to me? The Biggest Loser Wii Fit game kicks my butt as it is!

  12. You are so right about our bodies telling us when something is wrong and when we need to make some major changes! By the time I found out I had celiac disease, my body was wreaking havoc on my life, I was getting sick all the time. Same thing with my endometriosis. When it got so bad, I was in pain all the time. I'm sorry about your cysts, but I am glad you know what is wrong! Doing your research does help, although sometimes the internet can provide information that freaks you out, so be careful!

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  14. You are doing great by staying on task! You need a break too.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!