Thursday, November 18, 2010

A evening of shopping and TGIF!

Oh I am happy the weekend is almost here!

What a week! It's been soo busy at work! I have new coordinating responsibilities and it's been a challenge but I'm doing well, just exhausted. I'm also making sure to fit in working on my side biz's after work and that's going really well :) I really want to be doing what I want full time.... one day one day...

I only cooked at home twice this week but I had homemade breakfast and lunches with healthy snacks all week!

After work today I went to the mall to shop for a dress for a friends wedding on Saturday. I bought 2 dresses a pink one and a black one... I love them both! And now I don't know which one to choose!

I also bought a new face wash and loofah. I love using loofahs to help with circulation and polishing up my skin.

I was tempted to buy more Christmas decor but decided to wait and do that shopping with the husband. We both love Christmas! I can't wait to get our tree and decorate it, and put all the decor outdoors. Christmas has always been a happy time for me and I just get so excited just talking about it.

Slowly I started taking out some decor, I'll do more this weekend :)

Hope you all have an awesome Friday!!!


  1. Isn't exfoliation amazing???? I just bought a facial brush to try and brighten up my mug. your kitty is soooo cute too ;)

  2. Sounds like a great Friday night to me. I love shopping. I think you should keep both of the dresses!