Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Goals and New Vision Board

I'm home today. Yesterday I had a really stressful day at work. I couldn't sleep all night just worrying and feeling anxiety. I woke up tired and with a big headache! Taking the day off will only help a bit since all my work will still be there tomorrow. But I needed some time to myself. Some time to reorganize my goals, Life goals and Health goals.

Goals are soo important. I also love making vision boards, so I print out pics all that I want to achieve and post them up in my closet and in my office. :) I'll show you my new one when I complete it! :)

This weeks Goals:
*Create a new vision board for 1 year goals.
* print out quotes that help me stay on track during stressful days.
* Make a routine that works, some evenings for working on the side biz and some evenings for working out!
*Weigh myself weekly to keep my weight on track!
*Cook at home 4 times a week.
*Always pack a lunch!
*Always carry snacks in my purse for days that schedules get thrown off (I'm not pleasant to be around when hungry and this adds much more stress in my life lol)
* Set automatic calendar alarms to myself with what I need to do on a particular day.
* Read a positive book every night when going to bed, to keep me in a positive state. :)

These are some ways in helping with keeping me on track and keeping the ultimate goals in sight.

How do you keep on track with all your goals.??

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  1. I like this one "* print out quotes that help me stay on track during stressful days.

  2. i can't wait to see a picture of your dream board tania. i would really like to make one too! hope you're having a great day off and that you're able to recharge a bit!

  3. I put a vision board up in my room in June and so far I've accomplished 3 things on the board! It's amazing!